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Hurray Kids

Name: Somapika Sarkar, Founder

Type of expertise: Educational products and promoting life skills among children for age group 2-10 years in a simple and joyful manner by partnering with parents and schools


Location: Kandivali – East, Mumbai

Mobile No: 9167044715


Social media handles: 

Hurray Kids on Facebook
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About Hurray Kids: One of the most interesting aspects about Hurray Kids is that they follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended Life Skills framework for product design. It offers a wide range of products such as Life Skills Orientation kit, Life Skills Cards, Life Skills worksheets and preschool Life Skills curriculum. Over the next few years, we intend to be a one-stop solution for all sorts of life skill aids. Read more.



Name: Sanjay Mukherjee, Founder 

Type of expertise: Management & Startup Mentoring and Consulting


Location: Pune

Mobile No: +91-9823011100

Website: Redstone Summerhill

Social Media:
Redstone Summerhill on Facebook

Redstone Summerhill on Twitter

Redstone Summerhill on LinkedIn

About Redstone Summerhill: Products & Services for self-development because knowledge is the best investment. Read more.



Name: Avishek Ganguly

Expertise: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Mentor


Mobile: +91-9830170979

Location: Mumbai


Social media handles: Avishek Ganguly on Facebook

About Avishek Ganguly: He adds, “Where we differentiate ourselves from others is here – I come from a talent acquisition background – I have conducted over ONE LAC INTERVIEWS in my career – and it is this relevant industry experience that I carry into my training programs. “I am not here to give gyan. I firmly believe that every individual is capable and has their own mechanism to deal with things, counter stress and overcome challenges. My workshops promise of only relevant information and tips that will help my participants overcome their challenges through their own way. I usually have no script, my workshops are customized and totally audience driven.” Read more.


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