Little squeezy bottles of refreshing happiness

It’s time to enjoy some refreshing coolers without the guilt and calories. Check out our independent review of Beyond Water. These are little bottles of surprise for us. It’s now our go-to flavours to liven up any given day. Try it with your water, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and see the difference.

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Malabar Food Memoirs

Food is one of the most overlooked blessings in our lives. It brings families together, cheers us up, lifts our mood and fills us with good memories and warmth of relationships. Sheema Shireen recalls heartwarming food memories from her hometown in Kerala, well known for its Malabari cuisine. We invite you to join her in this lip-smacking culinary journey of food, history and culture with the hope to make you nostalgic.

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The Science behind ancient Indian kitchen habits

With long hours of working from home and being compelled to spend more time indoors, many have started facing health issues due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and leading a stressful sedentary life. Kavita Srivastava, talks to Deepa Kothawale, a Yoga Instructor and a Yogic Diet Consultant and Sayli Deshpande Dere, a Nutritionist and a Dietitian on the scientific benefits of eating the way our grandparents used to do. We explore simple scientific habits from ancient Indian kitchens that can help restore the mind body balance when we need it the most.

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