Lessons from the Koyna

When Neuro-Linguistic Trainer and Behavioural Psychologist, Nafisa Master went camping with her grandson Aliasgar Master to Koyna over a weekend, little did they know, that apart from a grandmother-grandson bonding session, they would come back with some life’s lessons. Truly, as Nafisa puts it, ‘Not all classrooms have walls and here’s what I learned from Koyna’. She reminds us, just like how Koyna emerged strong in spite of a catastrophe, we too can come out strong from life challenges.

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Revisiting the magnificent Chidambaram Temple

After being cooped up in the house for almost six months, Amrita Paul and her husband decided to step out with precautions to take a break. The couple took a one-day road trip from Chennai to visit the magnificent Chidambaram Temple. After a long drive, refreshing conversations, change in scene and some hearty snacks, the couple came back home refreshed with new memories and this travelogue.

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