Expo 2020 – A window to innovation and sustainable development

Sheema Shireen invites us to witness the 8th Wonder of the World – Dubai Expo 2020. A much-awaited international event in which countries from across the world are participating for a common goal – innovation and sustainable development. Sheema tells us all about Expo 2020 in her home city Dubai and the wonders we’re sorely missing out!

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Top 4 international series on NetFlix that you shouldn’t miss!

Move away from mindless binge-watching on the telly. Prakriti Panwar recommends a list of top four international series that you should check out on Netflix. The series may be in international language, but the content & storyline is so good, you wouldn’t mind reading the subtitles!

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Catterfly – curated travel experiences beyond boundaries

Meet Mrigakshi & Nitin Pradhan, who bid adieu to the corporate world to curate personalised travel experiences across the globe through their company – Catterfly. Find out how they took proactive steps to drive a #Wisepivot towards delivering Digital & Virtual tours & experiences.

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