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Life Lessons Learned Through Gardening

Gardening may not be everyone’s passion, but the life lessons it imparts are universal. As we witness the resilience, rootedness, and generosity of plants, we find inspiration to apply these principles to our lives. The garden becomes a classroom for personal growth, teaching us to rise above challenges, stay grounded, and make a positive impact on the world around us. Sharing some of life’s valuable lessons my humble yet strong and resilient plants have taught me.

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Needlework – Memories of a close-knit tribe

Reminiscing the art of needlework taught in schools, and the lessons learnt from it. It was more than sitting pretty with colourful threads & fabrics. It instilled in us a sense of empowerment, being a part of a tribe or a community. In a world that is so used to ‘one click’ and ‘swipe’ responses or interactions, needlework is far removed from it. We may not land up being designers, but we surely will know how to fix things on our own if we have a tear. It’s a pity this life skill is not taught so commonly in schools today.

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Why I admire Elon Musk – the Times Person of the Year 2021

8th Grader Aarush Mohan is a huge fan of Elon Musk. Despite all the bouquets and brickbats showered on Musk, Aarush admires him for his personality, sense of humour, entrepreneurial skills, ability to thrive across several industries and having the courage to take huge risks – all this apart from being the richest man on Earth. Clearly, Musk has done something right to be admired by many, including 13-year-old Aarush. Read on to know why Aarush looks up to Musk…

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All colours matter

Why is it we judge people based on their skin colour? Is it fair for us to arrive at conclusions just because someone is fairer or darker than the other? Sheema Shireen gently uncovers India’s deeply ingrained colourist mindset plaguing our country for generations. She is hopeful that future generations will be kinder and more accepting of people from all colours and races living in harmony in a more equitable society for all.

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Organic Farming for a more sustainable India

Do you think organic farming is a way to a more sustainable future? 10th Grader, Nithya AS, who is into organic farming herself, analyses farming in India and explores its various nuances on a more extensive spectrum. As she has reaped the benefits of organic farming, she feels that this could be a healthier option for people and the planet as well.

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