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Indrani Cosmetics

 Name: Dilip & Sammet Gugle, Co-Founders

 Expertise: Quality beauty, skincare, hand soap and personal care products at affordable pricing. Suppliers to beauty salons, parlours, spas hotels, beauty shops and retail customers.

 Mobile: +91 8308931209


Location: Pune

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Sammet Gugle, Co-Founder, Indrani Cosmetics shares, “We’re very conscious of our product quality and packaging. We’re not in the favour of making our customers feel that after paying a premium, the product she gets is not up to the mark in terms of quality and quantity. Keeping this in mind, we have over seven sizes in our product range that cater to all types of customers. Our range include sizes in 50 gms/ml, 100 gms/ml, 200 gms, 300 gms/ml, 500 gms/ml, 1 kg/litre and 5 kg/litre. We figured, such product and price combination keep both our retail and wholesale customers as well as salons, spas, parlours and stores very happy!” Read more.



Name: Kainaaz Mehta, Founder

Expertise: All natural and handmade soaps, oils, creams and lotions that are free from parabens and made with the goodness of Almond oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.


Mobile No.: +91 95525 09989

Location: Pune


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“All the soaps by Ammara are natural, free from parabens and made with the goodness of Almond oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Most conventional soap products contain heavy fragrances, nasty parabens, dyes and other chemicals that don’t belong on our skin. These ingredients can cause endocrine disruption and even be carcinogenic. Also, our skin is our biggest detox organ, so we don’t want to coat or clog it with artificial stuff,” adds Kainaaz. Read more.




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