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Name: Mrigakshi Pradhan & Nitin Pradhan, Co-Founders

Expertise: Local experts, Offbeat tours and activities, Affordable and luxury packages, Real-time support during travel, Personalised services & Customisable itineraries


Mobile: +41 788230618


Location: H.O Switzerland

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About Catterfly:

“Catterfly is our attempt to bring travel-based experiences to everyone based on local presence and expertise of living and travelling deeply in these destinations. It is mostly about designing curated experiences that suit each travellers’ interests, interacting with locals, digging into local cuisine, art and culture. It also involves staying in accommodations that offer a personal touch, taking leisurely walks, sipping on a fine brew or partying in places frequented by the locals. The experiences that stay with us as we continue to move forward in our journeys,” adds Mrigakshi. Read more.



Name: Udit Bothra & Umang Bothra, Co-Founders

Expertise: Adventure Travel, Inland and Overland Rides & Drives, Curated Tours, Experience Tours.


Mobile: +91-9831049060 / +91-9007000606


Location: Kolkata

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About WonderPath: At WonderPath, the idea is to combine the pure joy of travel with the child-like wonder that we miss in our lives. WonderPath’s passion is to curate inland and overland travel experiences where the journey becomes the destination. “We handpick locales that will fascinate you and the process of reaching there will give wings to your adventure bug! We will ensure that you reconnect with the elements of nature on the way and come back with a soul weathered by the sun, the wind and the earth – a soul reawakened, and senses wondered,” smiles Udit. Read more.


The Mountain Walker

Names: Founder Sanjay Mukherjee; co-Founder & CEO Abhishek Kaushal; co-Founder & COO, Ameen Shaikh.

Type of expertise: Publishing, Himalayan Travel Services, Leadership Program Spiti



Location: Pune and Shimla

Mobile: +91 8446779977

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About The Mountain Walker: The Mountain Walker publishes books in unique travel diary formats, and provides regular blogs and short-format videos through their website and YouTube channel. For corporates and businesses, The Mountain Walker offers Content Assets (they have a library of more than 10,000 images and 75 hours of high quality video footage) and premium Editorial solutions related specifically to Himalayan destinations tailored to brand requirements. They also provide travel services for discerning travellers who are focused on value-based experiences. Read more.











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