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Life Lessons Learned Through Gardening

Gardening may not be everyone’s passion, but the life lessons it imparts are universal. As we witness the resilience, rootedness, and generosity of plants, we find inspiration to apply these principles to our lives. The garden becomes a classroom for personal growth, teaching us to rise above challenges, stay grounded, and make a positive impact on the world around us. Sharing some of life’s valuable lessons my humble yet strong and resilient plants have taught me.

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The joys of Bharatnatyam with Anjana Ramesh

Ananya Sampath talks to her Bharatnatyam teacher, Anjana Ramesh, about her journey to a seasoned Indian classical danseuse. Anjana talks about how overcoming challenges, following her heart, and being inspired and self-motivated are vital to pursuing one’s dream. If you’re an aspiring performing artist in the making, Anjana’s story may be just for you.

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The art of Zen through gardening

Yoga and physical exercises may not be for everyone, but have you considered gardening as a way to stay mentally and physically healthy? Kavita Srivastava explores the spiritual and mental benefits of gardening that can help us stay calm during this unsettling pandemic. She talks to Reema Gopalan, a professional gardener and Dr Arvind Gupta, a psychiatrist and counsellor and here’s what they’ve got to say…

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