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Needlework – Memories of a close-knit tribe

Reminiscing the art of needlework taught in schools, and the lessons learnt from it. It was more than sitting pretty with colourful threads & fabrics. It instilled in us a sense of empowerment, being a part of a tribe or a community. In a world that is so used to ‘one click’ and ‘swipe’ responses or interactions, needlework is far removed from it. We may not land up being designers, but we surely will know how to fix things on our own if we have a tear. It’s a pity this life skill is not taught so commonly in schools today.

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The art of Zen through gardening

Yoga and physical exercises may not be for everyone, but have you considered gardening as a way to stay mentally and physically healthy? Kavita Srivastava explores the spiritual and mental benefits of gardening that can help us stay calm during this unsettling pandemic. She talks to Reema Gopalan, a professional gardener and Dr Arvind Gupta, a psychiatrist and counsellor and here’s what they’ve got to say…

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A tribute to Auto Rickshaw Drivers

Dr Praba N narrates a couple of real-life incidents where auto-rickshaw drivers left an indelible mark in her mind. These life-altering incidents in her life will make all of us believe that there’s good in each one of us, and how the humble auto-rickshaw driver has carved a special niche in her heart. And yes, when we’re in trouble, help can arrive even in a small auto rickshaw with a large-hearted driver.

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