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Sin-a-Min – A healthy way to snack

Geeta Nichani, Founder of Sin-a-Min
Geeta Nichani, Founder Sin-a-Min

It is 11am and you reach out for a packet of potato chips to go with the coffee from the vending machine in your office. You know it’s unhealthy, yet you opt for it because of various reasons – some of the primary reasons being what kind of healthy food to pack to work, who’ll chop those fruits in the morning especially when you have to get the kids ready for school before you rush to work. The fact is, the list is endless.

We understand as working or stay-at-home individuals who are always short on time, and yet want to look after their health, it can get a bit challenging striking that perfect balance; but there’s a way and we’ve discovered just the thing for you.

To meet our snacking pangs, we’ve found this innovative food brand that specialises in homemade, healthy and handmade snacking options come to our aid and if you’re wondering from where to source it, we’re here to tell you.

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to introduce to you the very lovely Geeta Nichani, the founder of Sin-a-Min Health Foods who creates innovative and holistic snacking options that include gluten free, vegan, no maida and no sugar options.

After sampling some of her delicious handmade goodies at a Food & Wine Festival in Mumbai a few months back, we knew we had to feature her on The Lifestyle Portal.

We spoke to her about her journey and love for creating something healthy, and here’s her story, take a look…

A healthy way to snack with Sin-a-Min
A healthy way to snack with Sin-a-Min

When did it all begin?

It was a hobby that turned into work as she was always on the lookout for healthy snacking options for her kids and family. Apart from friends who inspired her throughout her journey, Sin-a-Min gave Geeta a chance to launch her range of healthy treats to fill in the increasing demand in the market.

Initial investments made

“My work did not really require much of an investment as I started it from my home. I made a small beginning with Diwali gifts order from my husband for his work clients and gradually with time, I launched an independent workshop with the support from my in-laws and family,” shares Geeta.

Enjoy guilt free healthy snacks with Sin-a-Min
Enjoy guilt free healthy snacks with Sin-a-Min


The brand name was conceptualised by her husband who had visualised this dream for her – even before she got into it.

She further adds, “Sin-a-Min means to ‘sin a minimum’, which also happens to be the motto and focus of our company – which translates into what we consistently present to our users, ‘Healthy food is not just meant to be eaten but enjoyed too! Often people remark about the name and its meaning and they really love it. Sometimes, of course it goes unnoticed and the taste and variety of products take precedence.”

What makes Sin-a-Min unique?

The USP of their products is the consistent use the highest quality ingredients in a range of their home made products. The range includes health bars (what they call PowerBars), breakfast muesli, health mixes, fresh bakes such as PowerDiscs (‘un-cookies’ because these are cookies without butter/ sugar/ maida) and brownies with no maida/no butter. Most of the products are sweetened with healthy alternatives such as dates and jaggery. These are all “good on your health” snacks!

“We customise our products for a lot of our clients based on their individual requirements and limitations. So we create gluten-free, diabetics, vegan and also specific nutritional diet plans too. In fact, our products are great options for gifting and tiffin snacks too,” adds Geeta.

According to her, similar brands may and do exist but each of them have a unique set of inclusions and ingredients, taste, quality and hygiene levels while being created. Sin-a-Min being a home-made product and with her hands -on involvement, the end product(s) are of a very high consistent quality.

Have a sweet tooth? Dig into these healthy Sin-a-Min sweet nothings
Bite into these healthy Sin-a-Min sweet nothings

Challenges faced

No work environment is free from facing its share of challenges. For Geeta, a major challenge faced is the sourcing of a consistently high quality range of raw materials and healthy alternatives at a good price. Another challenge is keeping up with the growth in demand. “We believe in using no preservatives or chemical additives and products are generally fresh, made on order,” adds Geeta.

Healthy goodies on offer

Sin-a-Min offers a wide range of health foods ranging from health bars to health mixes like muesli, multigrain mixes, metabolism boosters (natural energy boosters that contain whole grains and fibre that help you burn more fats), power discs and fresh bakes. They generally come in packs of 10 servings and prices range from Rs. 280 to Rs. 500.

She further explains” We are constantly innovating and creating new products with the single minded focus of presenting healthy food products that can replace unhealthy foods and binge eating patterns. A lot of dieticians and nutritionists find our food products apt for their clients – weight-watchers and health seekers alike.”

Each product is made of natural ingredients and has its unique strength – e.g., Muesli PowerBars are of High Fibre & Low Calorie; ProteinMax PowerBars are gluten-free enhanced with chia & amaranth which are a great source of natural proteins; Oatmeal & Amaranth PowerDiscs are the perfect substitute for cookies – packed with natural proteins and fibre.

Super healthy Oatmeal Power Discs
Super healthy Oatmeal Power Discs from Sin-a-Min

Journey so far

Every piece of appreciation from users is always a huge motivator and at the same time that helps Geeta to understand customer requirements. Any call or message of appreciation always provides insights and hints that lead towards the creation of newer products too.

“We have generally enjoyed a good amount of appreciation and that’s what keeps us going. However, negative feedback too is welcomed and provides an even more insightful direction towards betterment. There can be no well-balanced journey without negatives and wake-up calls,” smiles Geeta.

The next step

In fact, Geeta’s long term dream is to have a ‘Sin-a-Min Café’ concept across India – which would serve calorie-counted meals and snacks. It would be nice to have a Yoga and fitness/ wellness studio attached.

She also shares, “We are consciously focused on high quality products and hence growing slowly but steadily. Our next target in the medium term is to be on the shelves of some premium retailers – with a moderate range of products. We are on that road now but likely to take the required time. However for the time being, some exciting new products will be added shortly.”

Enjoy vegan, no flour, gulten free & no sugar snacks from Sin-a-Min
Enjoy vegan, no flour, gulten free & no sugar snacks from Sin-a-Min

Place an order from Sin-A-Min

You can get in touch with Geeta on 0-99200-42024 and 022-2605-5425 in Mumbai or you can also connect with her through Facebook and Instagram as well.

Please note that Sin-a-Min also uses courier services to deliver all over India and some foreign countries where permitted.

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