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Life Lessons Learned Through Gardening

Gardening may not be everyone’s passion, but the life lessons it imparts are universal. As we witness the resilience, rootedness, and generosity of plants, we find inspiration to apply these principles to our lives. The garden becomes a classroom for personal growth, teaching us to rise above challenges, stay grounded, and make a positive impact on the world around us. Sharing some of life’s valuable lessons my humble yet strong and resilient plants have taught me.

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Needlework – Memories of a close-knit tribe

Reminiscing the art of needlework taught in schools, and the lessons learnt from it. It was more than sitting pretty with colourful threads & fabrics. It instilled in us a sense of empowerment, being a part of a tribe or a community. In a world that is so used to ‘one click’ and ‘swipe’ responses or interactions, needlework is far removed from it. We may not land up being designers, but we surely will know how to fix things on our own if we have a tear. It’s a pity this life skill is not taught so commonly in schools today.

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Little squeezy bottles of refreshing happiness

It’s time to enjoy some refreshing coolers without the guilt and calories. Check out our independent review of Beyond Water. These are little bottles of surprise for us. It’s now our go-to flavours to liven up any given day. Try it with your water, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and see the difference.

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The Vision of Greenvalley International School

Nithya AS, a student of Green Valley International School, Trivandrum, interviews her school principal, Mr Balamurali, about his vision of starting the school to provide education that is more purpose-driven and not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Read this wonderful interview about Mr Balamurali and how Green Valley International School has positively impacted Nithya into a confident individual.

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