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Pallavi Mehta

It is not every day that we meet someone who has so much love and zest for life. We have known Pallavi Mehta for several years now, maybe more than a decade and it is just amazing to see how over the years, she’s embraced life with the same enthusiasm and positivity.

What inspires The Lifestyle Portal about Pallavi is that, apart from being a wife and a mother of two, she is an Economics Professor. Wait, there’s more. Apart from being a professor, she’s actively involved in radio shows (she anchors many of them on AIR), she’s an Events Consultant and a Google Local Guide. Wait, wait, there’s more! In her spare time (we wonder where she finds more time and how), she writes Hindi poetry, short stories and plays, is a brilliant cook and a wonderful home maker too. Phew!

Pallavi hosting a Coffee Morning Workshop on Styling by Image Consultant – Prachi Kesarwani

So here’s our ode to this wonderful lady who is out there with her contagious smile and optimism that’s enough to light up anyone’s life like sunshine.

Meet Pallavi Mehta, is a Mumbai-based M.A, M.Phil. (Economics), who also moonlights as a Radio Artist, host, event organiser and a Google Local Guide; wondering how she does it all? Read her entrepreneurial journey right here.

How did it all begin?

Since her childhood, Pallavi has always loved to try her hand at many things. She recalls, “Since my school days, I have always been good in studies, an extempore speaker, have won many prizes in essay writing, participated in debate competitions, dance and drama.” Being an active participant in various cultural and literary activities, her mother always encouraged Pallavi to take part in various events, which today she feels has laid a solid foundation. “My parents, as well as my teachers, always believed in me that made me a confident girl, which I carry till date,” adds Pallavi.

Pallavi as a programme Host at Muskan Collection Exhibition in Lokhandwala Township in Kandivali East.

Donning many hats

Pallavi dons many hats, that of an educationist, an anchor, a radio artist and a Google local guide. We wonder how she gets the energy to do all this while balancing her home, husband and children with a smile on her face.

She explains, “As both my parents are professors in college, I have always been impressed with their profession and have wanted to be like them. Hence I continued my studies and performed well, and even topped in my academics, M.A. and M.Phil. in Economics, even B.Ed. which helped me become an educationist today.”

Pallavi a part of the Coffee Morning Workshop by Image Consultant – Prachi Kesarwani

Since her college days, Pallavi has been actively involved in various activities where she had to handle several programmes. This prompted her to apply for the All India Radio (AIR) casual artist and cleared the audition. Since then, there has been no looking back, and she started her career with AIR’s Yuvvaani programme, Indore. Since then, she has been hosting several radio shows and at present is working as a casual radio artist, in AIR, Mumbai where she organises and hosts various programmes such as Naari Jagat, Baal Jagat, Vividha, dramas, features and more.

“Recently a Hindi play was written by me “Ek Meethi Khushboo”, will soon be broadcast by AIR, Mumbai very shortly and I am very excited about it,” giggles Pallavi.

When it comes to hosting events, Pallavi has been actively involved in the Nagar Sanskratik Sanstha Mumbai’s silver jubilee function, Muskaan Collection, Kiara creation, Trisha arts, and ladies sangeet programs as well. With regard to the Google Local Guide, Pallavi shares that she often takes short trips to various places and loves to review them; and this is the starting point of a local guide at Google and gradually she became a ‘Level 5 local guides’ with them.

Pallavi as a co-host in musical programme by Trisha Arts with Sagar Sayani.

The profile she enjoys the most

“People love my work and appreciate it and that is my high point. Even if I am able to reach them, to share something with them, to hear them or solve their problem, or make them smile, it is immensely fulfilling,” adds Pallavi.

Her aim in life is to spread happiness and if she’s able to give something back to the society or is able to help people to lift their conscience, then it is the most satisfactory role for her.

Challenges faced

Pallavi shares many instances from the different roles that she plays. For instance, when she interviews people, generally people cooperate; but when they don’t open up the first time, to win them with confidence /trust and give assurance to them is a challenge. “I have to assure them that the inputs they give will not be misused and then they agree for a personal interview,” explains Pallavi.

Secondly, while organising an event, she admits that at times it does get tough to handle things so many fronts right from vendors, clients and at times the audience also. It is a tight rope balancing act.

She further adds, “It is the same way when you are hosting shows, you have to be focused with what the organisers want from you, what kind of family/corporate show they would like and keep in mind the audience as well.”

Pallavi continues, “Sometimes I also face problems during musical evening or ladies sangeet programmes as there are so many items or songs to perform and there is a time limit. There we have to keep minimal anchoring and cut the time slot where we have to be on our toes to wrap up the programme within the given time frame. Above all, clients/audience satisfaction is our topmost priority and if they carry some valuable inputs or good memory then it is our victory/winning point.”

Pallavi hosting a musical evening program

A typical day in Pallavi’s life

“My day starts early in the morning around 5.30 am and by 10.30-11 am ,I finish the household chores which also includes my morning walk and exercise. Then, I usually write/ prepare my to-do-list, this one is an exhaustible list. Then around 11 am, I start my work, attend calls and reply to them, see mails and revert. Afterwards, I prepare programmes, the agendas and during the evening, I spend meeting people. On some days, I keep my meetings in morning time as well. Other than this, the remaining time is dedicated to running a house and playing the role of a mother to two grown up kids,” smiles Pallavi.

Pallavi with Image Consultant – Prachi Kesarwani, hosting a workshop

What makes your talent/ venture unique?

As an Anchor / Programm host, it is her command over the Hindi language, literature, Hindi film music and to connect with the audience.

“As an event organiser, we are very disciplined, organized. We understand the requirement of our clients and as a Google local guide my reviews based on my personal experience,” mentions Pallavi.

Understanding the demand for this kind of work

The world is growing, technology is evolving every second and the electronic medium (including social media and research tools) are very useful and people, things are coming closer every bit ,a great platform also to reach every nook and corner of the world.

“When I started reviewing a place and started getting good responses, I now see people look up my reviews before going to those places. On a different platform there is always a requirement of event organiser, an anchor or any artist and able to fulfil their needs,” mentions Pallavi.

Pallavi as an event organizer in Hiray College of Architecture Bandra (East).

Support from family members

“Yes, a very good question you asked me,” laughs Pallavi. “For a lady (as a wife and a mother), a nod from family members is very important and fortunately for me, my family is very positive and happy to see me working. My friends always believed in me and motivated me, even when I have moments of self-doubt, they showed their trust in me and that brings back my confidence.”

Future plans

She signs off by saying, “My dream is to connect with people on a bigger platform, to entertain them, help them, to voice their problems and to reduce their worry by organising programs.”

Pallavi with her two gorgeous children – Swadha & Tejas

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