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Saffron Hue – The All Natural Baby Products

It is always fun to shop for baby clothes and linen. But sometimes you’re at a loss when it comes to design, cut, colour and fabric available in the market. But not anymore, with Saffron Hue’s refreshingly soothing and gorgeous designs complimented with baby safe fabric, makes it the ideal choice for your baby.

Started by two stay-at-home-moms Ruchi Sharma from San Fransico and Pinal Maniar from Boston – Saffron Hue is a gorgeous start-up specialising in newborn and baby bedding and accessories.

Ruchi who calls herself a corporate-refugee-turned-entrepreneur holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Houston and has more than seven years of extensive experience in both finance and marketing.

Pinal has an advanced diploma in Textile Design for the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Backed with a sound design studio experience she has been working as an independent textile and surface designer since 2003 exploring different avenues and techniques in the field of home furnishings, handicrafts and quilting.

Apart from design work, she has been responsible for setting up production units, training and supply-chain management for large manufacturers and exporters as well.

How did it all begin?

It all began as a casual conversation a year ago between two friends/mums who were aware of the lack of unique high-quality offerings available at affordable prices.

“We thought why not bring a fresh new perspective to the traditional textiles and techniques of India by using them for baby bedding and accessories. With this insight, industry experience and necessary skill set Saffron Hue was founded in October 2011 and ever since there has been no looking back,” mentions Pinal.

Initial investment

Apart from the initial small investment, the entire company has been self-funded with the sales of hand appliquéd baby onesies and toddler T-shirts. “We started last year with online sales via, local craft shows and trunk shows and it has been going good so far,” adds Ruchi.


Both Pinal and Ruchi share that, “When conceptualizing the brand name “Saffron Hue” the two ideas that were kept in mind were a name that hinted to the connection of our Indian roots that we are so proud of and therefore the word “Saffron” and also one that was short, easy to remember and reflected the modern times and reflected our adaptation of traditional techniques for a modern day product.”

What makes Saffron Hue so unique?

The desire to bring a fresh new perspective to the traditional textiles and techniques of India infused for baby bedding and accessories is what Saffron Hue is all about.

Pinal further adds, “Our products reflect the changing times and are an amalgamation of skilled craftsmanship, tradition and modern design sensibilities. Our products have an appeal to both the mother and child and more importantly all products are made with softest 100 % cotton voile fabrics.”

Cotton Voile

One of the primary elements of the fabric is Cotton Voile that has a very slightly textured finish, and it feels buttery soft against the baby’s delicate skin and only becomes softer with subsequent washes.

The designs are all printed by hand using the traditional Indian block printing techniques, thus making the products unique and special. The colourful, vibrant and coordinating prints, floral, stripes and motifs will be easy to mix and match to create a multitude of combinations.

Azo free dyes and 100% cotton

Azo free dyes or low impact dyes – azo-based dyes shed carcinogenic arylamines as the garments are worn (they contain metallic elements) creating health risks.

“Given that baby’s skin has a natural sensitivity and an undeveloped derma, the health risk of exposure to aromatic azo dyes is very high. The key benefit of azo-free dyes is the removal of the metallic component, which can create a textile-induced chemical sensitivity. Hence it is a mandate according to the Federal Law to use this kind of dyes when manufacturing children’s product,” explains Ruchi.


Another facet that makes Saffron Hue products so unique is that they are exclusively made in the town of Sanganer near Jaipur, Rajasthan. This adds to the authenticity of design and colour that are completely novel and refreshing for the US market.

Pinal adds, “The current line took approximately 6 months from the concept, design to execution. The products currently offered are quilts, lightweight blankets, swaddle sets, burp cloth set, bib sets and snuggle bags. The price ranges from $25 – $75.”

What can you buy a Saffron Hue product for your baby:

You can pick a variety of utility and comfort linen products for your baby in gorgeous colours.

  • Monsoon light blanket in Fig and Nutmeg – $65
  • Mango Mantra Quilt in Olive/Nutmeg – $75
  • Swaddle Set Rangoli in Cornflower/Spring – $44
  • Swaddle Set Royal Parade in Carnation/Spring and Burp Cloth Set – $44
  • Snuggle Bag Cinnamon in Olive – $39
  • Bib set in Fig/Nutmeg colour – $25


Take a look at other Saffron Hue’s latest designs to place your orders:


Kindly note that as of now these products are available to customers in USA and Canada only.

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