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Soap for Soul – Meet the new Superheroes of our Skin

When The Lifestyle Portal chanced upon these gorgeous sets of handmade boutique soaps, we couldn’t help but check them out further.

Do you know the amount of damage we put our skin through by using the wrong kind of soaps for our skin and body?

Meet the new superheroes of our skin who have come to our rescue when we unknowingly attack ourselves with harsh chemical infused soaps.

We got in touch with the founders a husband and wife duo well under their 30’s (sigh…how lucky, especially when we’ve crossed it a few years ago) to share their success story with us.

Meet Kasturi Rajaram and Akshay Rao, who after completing their Engineering started their career in a leading software firm almost seven years ago.

But somehow the passion of creating organic soaps and bath products took over their love for all things engineering and now here they are with Soap for Soul that was launched in December 2012.

How did it all begin? 

It all began one day when both Kasturi and Akshay were trying to understand the names of all the chemicals typically listed on the labels of the typical bath products.

“Some research and we found that some of the commonly used ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Parabens in bath and body products are quite bad for the body and some even cause cancer if used in large quantities. This came as a complete shock for us and we decided that it was a time we started looking for ways of making the most commonly used bath and body products ourselves so that we could control exactly what we could put into them,” recalls Kasturi.

Of course there was a long period of research involved with plenty of reading thrown in and a few trials and errors after which they found that they could actually make common bath and body products such as lip balms, soaps and body butters themselves with the best of ingredients and no chemicals; and are we glad to hear that!

Akshay adds, “We tried various products but got completely hooked onto making soaps as they are the most commonly used bath products and this was a space which allowed a lot of creativity!”

They learnt to formulate various soaps and over time started gifting their soapy creations to close friends and family. The response was unbelievable! Everyone loved their soaps, which encouraged them to take it to the next level where Kasturi and Akshay entered Flea Markets in Bangalore. There again, the couple had an outstanding response for their soaps with people coming back for more and more!

Initial investments

“We had a slow research phase and had never planned to make a business out of our products as we started making products for our own use. So our initial investment was spread over six months where we started stocking up on base oils, essential oils, moulds and more. When we started participating in Flea Markets the returns fueled further investments and the rest, as they say, is history,” share the couple.

What makes Soap for the Soul so unique?

“Our products are all pure, completely natural, homemade and handmade with no chemicals or preservatives added. We make our soaps with minimal ingredients and do not compromise on the quality of oils used,” smiles Kasturi.

These beautiful soaps (where the raw materials are sourced from Bangalore and Mumbai) are made with a significant high quality of olive oil and pure essential oils that promise to be gentle and beneficial to the skin.

“Of course, our main USP is that our soaps are so delectable that you almost feel like eating them!” quips Kasturi. The Lifestyle Portal seconds that as the moment we saw their range on their Facebook Page, we just knew we had to write about them and even pick up some for ourselves!

The best way to use a Soap? 

This is interesting, readers, please take note – one of the most ignored yet common sense tip from Soap for Soul – The life of a soap bar depends on how one likes to lather up in the bath ;), but there are a few ways to make your soap (or for that matter any soaps) last longer.

The key thing is to keep the soaps dry between uses. Keep the soap in a soap dish with holes that drain away excess water and near an airy window if possible and you will certainly notice the difference. What you can also do is to use a loofah to lather up the soap in the loofah and use that in the shower.

Products and Price range

If you’re wondering whether their soaps are way beyond your budget, well readers – here’s news for you. Soap for Soul offers us a completely affordable high end and good quality bath and body range.

Kasturi further adds, “Our soaps are priced within Rs. 60 to Rs. 200 that are available in various aromas such as Peppy Lavender, Lemon Grass Grapefruit. We also make Juiced Bars and soaps made from popular drinks such as Beer and Wine. We use pure and natural ingredients and in a way, their goodness is not lost in the soap making process and can lend their benefits to the skin in the most optimum manner. The benefits of each soap are listed in their description on our Facebook page and website.”

The response so far…

Akshay tells us, “The response has been very exciting and very motivating! Our customers love our products and keep coming back for more and more- not just for themselves but also for gifting it to their friends and loved ones.”

Now Soap for Soul will have a new fan following – any guesses? Of course, it’s us! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Soap for Soul – Meet the new Superheroes of our Skin

  • Rajaram

    Nice article, reveals the passion which leads to enterprise!

  • Kasturi

    Hello Tanya,
    Thanks a lot for approaching us for the feature :)!
    It feels great to be featured on your lifestyle portal.

    warm regards,
    Kasturi & Akshay

    • Dear Kasturi,
      It has been a pleasure writing a feature on Soap for Soul. It is people like you who inspire us every day to embrace being brave and adopt an innovative way to work which is fun, caring for the environment and rewarding as well. Please continue to inspire us 🙂

  • Emily and Vikram Ramesh

    Wonderful way of giving back to people and nature in a natural way. Great inovation by these two young people. Photos of the soaps look so inviting too. Hope to get lots of bubbles in the bath, the tasty, fragrant way.

  • Ashutosh Kumar

    I happen to be their classmate in engineering college.
    Surprised and happy to know they have started natural soap making.

    All the best Akshay and Kasturi.
    Keep up the great work.
    All the very best for your new venture.
    Looking forward to using your product.

    • Wow, that’s amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us.


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