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Tantra T-shirts – India’s Official Unofficial Tee

Tantra was one of the first brands that we knew as college kids. It was a fashion statement that brought to life a college campus with quirky designs, bright coloured tees with one-liners, which were so desi yet funny and completely pun intended that it HAD to be a part of campus life. You were not considered cool if you didn’t own a Tantra t-shirt. So you can very well imagine the brand power that Tantra possessed, it was enough to attract the entire youth of the country.

Tantra is like wearing your attitude for the world to see. It’s a smart and confident dress code that is a must for every college, weekend or a holiday wear or simply put it’s one of the best gifts for a friend or a souvenir option to take back home.

How did it all begin?

We chatted with the Founder of Tantra – Ranjiv Ramchandani a microbiologist who’s also a copywriter, cartoonist turn brand manufacturer, ably supported by Vimal Mariwala who is the manager, entrepreneur and the production man who ensures that Tantra runs smoothly and efficiently.

“We founded Tantra way back in 1997 with the aim of making it a cult brand that would represent our country in its truest sense,” says Ranjiv. Tantra was the answer to foreign tourists to take memories of India in the form of witty and cleverly designed t-shirts. Needless to say, Tantra became a popular choice among the youngsters in the country as well. Tantra was the answer to foreign tourists to take memories of India in the form of witty and cleverly designed t-shirts. Needless to say, Tantra became a popular choice among the youngsters in the country as well.

The brand name

The catchy brand name of ‘Tantra’ has acted as a catalyst to capture the market with a psychedelic name, which would be an instant hit since it has such a huge brand recall among Indians and foreign tourists. It became such a popular brand that it spread like wildfire amongst the college youth and the tourists who didn’t want to miss out on a slice of India through Tantra tees.“Tantra is one such brand that is not only endorsed by the common youth but also by celebrities such as Sir Paul Mc. Cartney, Mr. Bill Clinton, Sting and Deepak Chopra,” quips Ranjiv.

The journey so far

With regard to the challenges faced, Ranjiv mentions, “Important factors like price fluctuation in yarn and dyeing and new tax issues such as excise do come in the way, but then we have to bite the bullet and move on.” Ranjiv further adds, “We’ve had people write back to us with funny anecdotes which include short stories of how Tantra made a difference in their day. And I wonder, how many national or international brands can claim that. Maybe it’s time that Tantra gets crowned as the “India’s official unofficial Tee!”

Tantra and its green initiative

Tantra had also tied up with NDTV to promote environment-related t-shirts, where the profits would be dedicated to a green cause. They even roped in Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra as the brand ambassador for NDTVs Green Movement (2008 – 2009), to encourage the viewers to buy the merchandise, including funky mousepads and recyclable shopping bags.

Shop for Tantra

Tantra t-shirts are available in varied sizes, colours and themes for men, women and kids within an affordable price range from Rs. 275 to Rs. 449 and you can pick from various themes from Patriotic, Anti-Corruption, Music, Dating, Party and lots more. Also, don’t forget to check out their other brand the Barking Dog where the t-shirts are priced at Rs 499 and are a hit amongst the men for some really refreshing designs and themes. Since Tantra ships worldwide, you can always order of your favourite pick no matter where you are located.

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