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A view from my balcony

A whole new perspective from the balcony. Photo credit: Aarya Menon

As the clock strikes 5:00 PM in the evening, a few children are playing cricket on a rocky path, which is still wet due to the rain. At the start of the path stands a long, silver mobile tower. On either side of the tower, are houses.

On one side is a house made with tin sheets, beside which is a handpump. A lady is washing utensils under the handpump and is accompanied by a little girl who is helping her keep away the washed utensils. There are several dogs roaming around the house. There are also a few children playing around the house. A man comes out the door with a dog and takes him out for a walk.

Beside the tin house is a big tree, under which a motorcycle is parked. A man is sitting on the motorcycle followed by a small child and a lady. Two dogs are chasing the motorcycle as it rides away.

Aarya’s balcony view. Photo credit: Aarya Menon

On the other side of the tower stand many houses. A man comes out of that area and goes into a small cabin sort of thing made with tin sheets which seems to be a toilet. Another man comes out walking with the support of a cane and waits outside the cabin. The man comes out and they start talking. They are joined by a couple of more men.

On one side of the rocky path are a number of lush, green trees. On the other side stand five parked trucks with a few people sleeping under them. In front of the mobile tower is an abandoned tannery. The roof of the tannery has started changing colour and rusting during the course of time. On the roof, sits a family of monkeys. The smallest monkey tugs on the bigger one probably with hopes of getting food.

Aarya Menon
Aarya Menon

Contributor: Aarya Menon

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Aarya Menon is a Grade XI student from DPS, Undri, Pune. This 16-year-old science student is also an aspiring writer, fond of fine arts and is an avid basketball player.

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