Beat the heat with Cafe Coffee Day’s summer coolers

New summer drinks @ Cafe Coffee DayWe dread the hot and humid summers in our city, but there’s something that makes this weather bearable and that’s Cafe Coffee Day’s new range of summer coolers with a refreshing twist of flavours in their slush and smoothies range.

The Lifestyle Portal was a part of this exciting event where we got to sample their latest flavours and interact with several Cafe Coffee Day fans who like to meet up with friends for a quick snack and drink at a CCD outlet.

14 years ago as a fresher when we started our writing career and got our first pay cheque, we had taken some of our closest friends to a Cafe Coffee Day outlet for a treat and until date we all remember that day very fondly.

And little did we realise that one day we’ll be back here at Cafe Coffee Day to be a part of an exciting #CCDSummerSlam event and share the news of their latest goodies with our readers.

Cafe Coffee Day launches new Summer DrinksWe got to sample their latest additions to their line of drinks such as the Rasmalai Smoothie, which will give you a flavour of the iconic sweet with its rich taste.

Then the Strawberry Pomegranate Smoothie will embrace you in it’s delicious cool creamy mix ideal to help you wind down a busy day at work.

While the Mango Peach Smoothie is another must have at CCD that offers you the best of fruits blended in for a fruity kick, the Strawberry Blast Slush marries the goodness of chilled pomegranates with strawberries ideal for the humid summers in our city.

What topped the charts for us was the very unique Tropical Spice Slush that’s concocted with a wonderful mix of jalapenos and the tropical fruit granita to spice things up.

Last but not the least, do try the Pink Lemonade Slush that welcomes you with a sweet and tangy taste with the goodness of pink grape fruit – a perfect companion for those girly chit chats 😉

There’s a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in almost every nook and corner of our country; drop by today and get a flavour of their latest summer drinks and tell us right here what your favourite drink was.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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