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We’re all aware of the importance of going organic and eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible; but we cannot overlook the fact of food hygiene and cleanliness. 

Most of the times when we buy fruits and vegetables from the market we just wash or rinse them under running tap water; but have we thought whether mere washing a fruit or a vegetable under running tap water is enough or do we need something extra? 

Nutritionist Shilpa Mittal explains, “External parts of fruits and vegetables may have residues of harmful pesticides and bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli that come from the soil or water. They can harbour larvae, worms and dust, which can further lead to food-borne illness such as food poisoning, allergies and skin rashes”.

In such cases while you can clear most of the external dirt, some stubborn pesticides, bacteria and fungi may not get washed and the residue may remain.

There are certain foods/ fruits that we have with its skin on – for example, when we chop cucumber with its skin on for salads on or stir-fry baby potatoes with their skin on or add chopped green chillies in our bhel, or have grapes or apples for breakfast or a snack  – in such cases using a safe product to help reduce at least 95% of the bacteria and fungi from the surface of these fruits and vegetables is a healthy idea.

As Manisha Mehta, an HR professional and a mother says, “In today’s ‘instant food’ culture, there’s a rampant use of pesticides and other inorganic substances to hasten the growth and ripening of fruits and vegetables.

I usually soak the fruits and vegetables in salt water for some time before using. Some people I know also use potassium permanganate for washing fruits and vegetables, but since I’m unsure of using more chemicals to wash off chemicals, I’ve avoided this so far. But an organic product for washing vegetables certainly seems to be the need of the hour and I would be willing to try Good Home’s Vegetable & Fruit Wash.”

So now you need not worry about the presence of bacteria, fungi and pesticides as there’s a new product launched by Good Home’s Vegetable & Fruit Wash.

If you’re wondering why you should pick up this product we’ll give you eight reasons why this product is a good to have in your kitchen:

  1. It’s easy to use
  2. Leaves no Residue
  3. Safe on Hands
  4. Cleans under 3 mins
  5. Scientifically Tested
  6. Alcohol Free
  7. No Harmful Chemicals
  8. It’s economical – Lasts up to a month

The best part is Good Home’s Vegetable & Fruit Wash can be used in just three easy steps; where all you need to do is – 

  1. Fill a vessel with 1 litre water
  2. Add 10 ml of this solution and soak the fruits & veggies for just 3 minutes
  3. Drain the water and rinse the vegetables under running tap water

You can pick up Good Home’s Vegetable & Fruit Wash that’s reasonably priced at Rs.100 for 500ml bottle at any of your nearby retail outlets or order it online from

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