Top Five Christmas Special Delicacies

Executive Chef Pawan Kumar Lal_The Resort_High-resSo here we are, sharing with you all our top five Christmas special delicacies to try out this year. We extend a special thanks to Executive Chef Pawan Kumar Lal, The Resort, Mumbai for sharing with us his top five recipes for the festive season. 

People often remember a party or a wedding mainly because of two factors – how gracious the host was and how good was the food.

If you’re hunting for recipes to make your house party more memorable allow us to give you a lending hand. We’ve featured plenty of yummy recipes this month – such as Top 5 Christmas Party Snacks, Christmas Recipes for Kids that you’ll come back and thank us some day. 🙂 There are plenty more festive and Christmas recipes available on our website, feel free to browse through and surprirse your family and friends with a delicious treat.

For now, try out these recipes from the Chef’s own kitchen and have a great Christmas party! From a Soup, Salad, Starter, a Main Course and a Dessert, Chef Pawan Kumar Lal has got it all planned out for you.

1. Canadian Cheese Soup

Ingredients Canadian Cheese Soup_The Resort

  • Bell Peppers, Carrot (Brunoise) – 20Gms
  • Corn – 10gms
  • Bacon (Brunoise) – 02 Slice
  • Flour – 01tbs
  • Butter – 5gms
  • Cheese – 5gms
  • Cream – 1Tbs
  • Stock (chicken Stock) – 250ml
  • Seasoning (as Per Taste)


  • Melt Butter + Flour Sauté flour a while.
  • Add stock and keep stirring so that no lumps are formed.
  • Add all the Brunoise Veg, bacon, cheese, with the stock and continue cooking so that cheese melts.
  • Seasonings finish with cream and garnish with Sprig of Parsley.

2. Christmas Coleslaw

Ingredients Christmas Coleslaw_The Resort

  • Purple Cabbage – 80Gms
  • White Cabbage – 80gms
  • Apple – 50gms
  • Bell peppers – 50 gms
  • Mayonnaise – 50gms
  • Seasonings – 3TBS
  • Parsley – For Garnish
  • Cherry Tomato – For Garnish


  • Cut all the above vegetables in Julienne ie Shredding.
  • Add mayonnaise and seasoning if required as mayo has salt in it. Mix well.
  • Arrange in a salad bowl/plate and garnish with Cherry Tomato and Sprig Of Parsley.

3. Lamb On Skewers

Ingredients Lamb On Skewers_The Resort

  • Lamb(chunks) – 150gms(IMPORTED)OR Baby Lamb
  • Onion –  01nos
  • Red Capsicum – 01 Nos
  • Yellow Capsicum – 01 Nos
  • Green Capsicum – 01 Nos
  • Spaghetti – 150gms
  • Satay Stick – 02 Nos
  • Worcestershire Sauce – 01 Tbs
  • Oregano – 05Gms
  • Chopped Garlic – 15gms
  • Butter – 20gms
  • Seasoning (ie) salt n pepper – as per taste


  1. Chop the vegetables and set aside.
  2. Boil water and Al dente (boil) the Spaghetti and keep aside.
  3. Cook the chunks of lamb on low flame, add water and seasonings and cook.
  4. Marinate the lamb and the chopped vegetables ( ie Bell peppers and Onions) with Worcestershire sauce and put them on a grill.
  5. Increase the flame so that its gets a good smoky flavor. Remove the platter and keep aside.
  6. Take satay sticks and arrange the lamb and veggies on satay sticks and keep under warmer.
  7. Take Olive Oil, add garlic and sauté it. Add the blanched spaghetti and toss it with Oregano and seasoning.
  8. Arrange the spaghetti on a plate and put the lamb skewers over the spaghetti and pour Barbeque Sauce on the skewers
  9. Garnish with chopped Parsley and serve hot

4. Roast Chicken With Pepper Jus 

Ingredients Roast Chicken With Pepper Jus_The Resort

  • Whole Chicken – 01 Nos
  • Onion – 01 Nos
  • Carrots – 01 Nos
  • Celery – Couple Of Sticks
  • Bay Leaf – 02 Nos
  • Mixed Fresh Herbs – 10Gms(includes sage,rosemary, thyme)
  • Olive Oil – For Mari nation
  • Butter – 05 gms
  • Black Peppercorns – 2 gms
  • Zucchini , Broccoli, Bell Peppers – 100 gms as sauté Veg


  1. Make the marination out of seasoning, Worcestershire Sauce and mix well.
  2. Take a whole chicken and apply marination on it and keep aside for couple of hours.
  3. Take a baking tray and add the onion, celery, carrots, bay leaf, peppercorn ( Roughly pound) and place the marinated chicken on the tray.
  4. Roast the chicken in the oven at 230 degree celsius for 40 – 45 minutes.
  5. Take the chicken out and make sauce out of the left over liquid in the tray and add pepper and Seasoning and keep aside.
  6. Blanch the above exotic vegetables and sauté in butter.
  7. Arrange the roast chicken on a plate and scatter the sautéed vegetables around it served along with the sauce.

5. Chocolate Wrapped Brownie

Ingredients Chocolate Wrapped Brownie_The Resort

  • Butter – 1.75gm
  • Sugar Icing – 1.75gm
  • Maida – 50gms
  • Coco Powder – 45gms
  • Eggs – 04nos
  • Vanilla Essence – Few Drops (2 to 3)
  • Baking Powder – 2gms
  • Dark Chocolate Sauce – 200 ml
  • Milk – 100ml
  • Cherry – For Garnish
  • Butter Paper – For Lining The Tray


  • Mix flour, coco powder and baking powder together and set aside.
  • Chop the walnuts and keep aside.
  • Beat the eggs and sugar together till it gets flully.
  • Add  the flour coco powder mixture slowly in the beaten egg and sugar mixture by cut and fold method.
  • Add the melted butter in the above mixture.
  • Now add the chopped walnut in the above mixture.
  • Now take the baking tin and grease the bottom of the tray with butter and place a butter paper on it.
  • Now pour the Mixture in the baking tray and bake it at 190 Degree Celsius for 40 to 45 Minutes
  • Let it cool and cut the brownie in squares and set aside.

For Chocolate Sauce:

  • Heat milk and as it boils add the chocolate cube slowly and mix it softly and cook until it thickens.
  • You can also add butter for richness while adding the chocolate.
  • Now take the square Brownies and dip them in the chocolate sauce and keep them in the fridge for 3 to 4 minutes to get that perfect chocolate coating.
  • Serve it cold and pour some left over sauce over the brownie and garnish with some walnut and cherries.

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