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How to Prevent Shoe Bites

How to prevent shoe bites
How to prevent shoe bites

Your swanky new shoes are the talk of the town. But what you don’t talk about is how much it hurts while wearing that fancy pair. As soon as you return home, your feet are sore, crying for mercy. Here are some handy tips to give your feet a breather.

What Causes A Shoe Bite?

Shoe bites are largely caused by ill-fitting shoes. Contrary to popular opinion, shoe bites are not only caused by new shoes. Sometimes, the feet expand with age and then an old shoe can cause a bite as well.

Preventing A Shoe Bite
Rule of thumb for brand new leather shoes; polish them and leave them overnight before wearing them the next day. This will soften the leather and minimize the pain.

Apply petroleum jelly, coconut oil, castor oil or raw potato juice on the insides of the shoe and leave overnight. You can keep re-applying the oil until the shoes don’t hurt anymore. Remember to clean the shoes from the inside before wearing them.

For, published on 29th October, 2007.

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