Top 10 Kitchen Tips

Here are top 10 tips that will come handy in keeping your kitchen clean and free from pests. These tips are quite easy and don’t require much time and effort. 

  1. Cockroaches are allergic to boric powder, so make sure you powder the corners of your kitchen with boric powder at night.
  2. Remove all the empty cardboard boxes if you have stored them in the kitchen. These are cockroach haunts. Since the boxes are porous and cool, they make the perfect place for roaches to breed.
  3. Regular spraying of insect repellent in all corners during a kitchen spring-cleaning session, will keep these pests under control.
  4. Seal all broken and chipped corners in your kitchen. These are insects’ favorite places of breeding and hiding.
  5. Place 5-6 dry red chilies in the rice jar. This will prevent rice insects from infesting the rice. Once or twice a week, place all the pulses on plates and place them in the sun. It will destroy tiny insects and drive most of them away.
  6. It is said that lizards are allergic to calcium. But as the old wife’s tale goes – place clean empty eggshells on corners or top of the shelves. Lizards are known to flee from the kitchen.
  7. Apply toothpaste on a cotton wool and place them in the corners of your kitchen. I don’t think lizards will like that either.
  8. Keep 2-3 cloves in the sugar jar to keep ants away. Get a regular pest control done for your entire house. As soon as you drop any food item, clean immediately. This will prevent ants from getting attracted to the kitchen.
  9. Use airtight containers at all times. Certain spices and pulses are best stored in the fridge.
  10. Regularly get your waste bin cleaned and place them in the sun to dry. Close the bin at night, as that’s the hot spot for pests.

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