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High-Light – The Light in your Bottle!

Who says that creativity is only limited to canvas or paper! The best part about creativity is that any mundane object can be brought to life with a personal touch. We shared the story of Madhurima Chatterjee Mathur’s Creative Rumblings for her love for Bottle Art, here’s another interesting story about a painting enthusiast who has turned old glass bottles into glam dolls.

When 24-year-old Mumbai-based Sharanya Menon was in between jobs, she dabbled with some paint on old glass bottles which were lying at home.

Her bottle art came out so well that she decided to launch ‘High-Light’ that gave a whole new dimension to recycling old glass bottles.

A Bsc. In Microbiology, a post-graduate in 3D Animation, Sharanya is currently working as an Asst. Prop Master for an advertising company.

She shares her journey with our readers of how she started ‘High-Light’ – her passion for painting and giving a facelift by recycling old glass bottles.

How did it all begin?

“It all happened nine months ago when I was in between jobs and had nothing to do. I found a couple of old bottles lying around the house and the next thing you know they were lamps! It then struck me that people nowadays are looking for new and kitsch items for their houses and so started personalising them. It caught on pretty well with friends and family and that’s how it began!” beams Sharanya.

Her initial investment was not much as it was all recycled materials that she was using. But the more she worked on it, the more Sharanya tried to make the product better and so her investment now has grown much more.


The name was actually very random. Sharanya felt that the most obvious name that would connect bottles to light was “High-Light” and it seemed to fit perfectly well.

People took to the name and appreciated it quite a bit and it seemed very obvious to them what the brand was all about.

Challenges faced

Sharanya feels that one of the biggest challenges she faces is trying to bring out a balance between the themes a customer has requested for without compromising on her artistic viewpoint.

“When it comes to customization, the client is the one who has to like it! So I try my best to strike that balance. It is difficult but so far, it has been good,” admits Sharanya.

The other challenge has been trying to make each piece unique. There are times when she gets orders pertaining to one particular theme from different people. That’s where it starts getting tricky; as she has to make them all look different without compromising on the quality. She adds, “I love the challenge, though; it’s what keeps the excitement going!”

What makes High Light so unique?

According to Sharanya, High-Light’s main USP is ‘customization’. “What makes my art unique is that I put my heart and soul into each bottle. I do not like mass-production and so I make a conscious effort to make each piece stand out. I try my best to constantly come up with new ideas. To make a piece that a person will cherish and call his/her own but still have my signature somewhere. I have seen similar work done elsewhere, but honestly; I think my work stands out because it’s hand-painted. Each piece takes at least 3-5 days to complete, from ideation to completion, ” adds Sharanya.

Any formal training before?

As a kid, Sharanya has been always interested in art and craft and used to attend all sorts of art classes during her school vacations. She recalls, “I have tried my hand at Tanjore paintings, foil work, stained glass and some or the other art form, but all as hobbies, but my main inspiration has always been the use of colours! My grandfather was and my parents and brother are very artistically inclined. So I guess it runs in the family, and they encouraged me to learn a lot during my formative years.”

Themes painted on the bottles

Some of the repeated themes have been Calvin & Hobbes and Super Heroes. Also, a lot of people have asked for portraits to be painted on the bottles. But with every order emerges another new idea.

Exhibitions and sale

“I have attended one flea market in Bangalore called ‘Sunday Soul Sante’ but apart from that, I haven’t been able to hold or attend any exhibitions. My products are usually marketed through my website or Facebook. People mail me their requirements and I get it couriered across. The price really depends on the amount of work that goes into it but can start at Rs.2000 that includes the courier charges as well,” explains Sharanya.

Future plans

Before signing off, Sharanya tells us, “There are lots of plans that are all waiting to come out of the box! I plan on painting various other glass surfaces.

As of now, I work on bottles and lampshades but definitely want to get into bigger surfaces, associated with light. Also, I want to try doing spaces. There have been a couple of queries in that respect, which would be fantastic to work on.”


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