Khud Ko Kar Buland – Empower yourself through Birla Sun Life Insurance

#Khudkokarbuland - Birla Sun Life InsruanceLife is a journey and a beautiful one. But sometimes there are road blocks, unexpected diversions and dead ends.

So when we start our journey, we have a plan; a map of life that we intend charting but without a backup-plan an enjoyable journey that you’re so looking forward to could turn out to be a nightmare.

Most of the times we think that ‘it won’t happen to me’, but then life wakes you up with a rude shock when something untoward happens to you or to the ones you love. But does that mean you stop living your life out of fear? Of course not – you ‘empower’ yourself to face life head on.

Beautifully narrated in this video by Birla Sun Life Insurance is a heartening story a single father who faces every adversary with a smile:

Imagine yourself to be in his shoes. You would have planned on getting married, having kids, sending them to a good school and college, going on family vacations, enjoying festivals – but then wait…if you could plan your life so well then why would some of us have to go through hardships that we’ve never thought we’d have to go through?

This video artfully showcases the father’s dedicated efforts of single parenting and striking the work-life balance with his autistic son. His smile pierces like a sharp ray of hope through the darkest clouds that cast as obstacles in his life #Khudkokarbuland - Bira Sun Life Insurancebecause he took the steps to ‘empower’ himself.

The video is inspirational, it’s humbling. It reminds you of the never ending challenges of a single parent who selflessly and happily works hard in his job and with his son to give them a secured and a fulfilling life ahead with dignity.

You don’t need to be rich and afford branded clothes and toys for your child if you’re not there in person; but even if you’re there with your child for those small moments of life they will be priceless and that you can do if you ‘empower’ yourself.

Money isn’t everything, but it has its place in this world that can help you achieve your dreams and help secure your’s and your loved ones’ future in times of crisis.

There’s a blessing hidden in the nook and crannies of our daily life and we tend to overlook them as we’re so busy complaining because our minds and attitudes are more focused on what we don’t have such as lack of finances.

#Khudkokarbuland - Birla Sun Life InsuranceWe would have often heard ourselves or our friends complain of ‘not having enough money or time’ – that’s because they may have not taken out the time to ‘empower’ themselves.

Actually we don’t realise it that is our lack of financial planning that stares us back at our face that makes us feel insecure. Since we did not take that extra step to save for a rainy day and still have time and resources to enjoy the present moment that makes us financially insecured.

Life will have its shares of ups and downs for us, and how best we empower ourselves with a sound financial planning will make all the difference.

So just like this single parent, his optimistic smile shows that since he had planned his and his son’s life so well that even during tough times he still had the courage to bounce back.

#Khudkokarbuland reminds us that that there’s no mountain so high or ocean so deep if we have have ‘empowered’ ourselves.

Watch this heart-warming and inspirational video today and make a promise that you will ‘empower’ yourself with sound financial plan to give a life of dignity and respect that you and your family deserve.

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