Struggles moms go through trying to lose weight

Mom and the weight loss – an epic battle that most of us women face after childbirth. At some point in our lives, we all must have been through those phases where we’ve seen some moms looking like super models with a great figure just like the movie stars…it just makes us think did they starve or where did they get the time to work out? 

On a serious note, post pregnancy weight loss can be challenging for some moms and we totally understand how overwhelming it can get.

As one mommy shared, “After having two kids I’m definitely having trouble losing weight. Owing to an already stretched body from the first pregnancy it is now more difficult the second time around owing to my hypothyroid.”

Moms and Weight Loss - an epic battle
Moms and Weight Loss – an epic battle

For Shagufta Khwaja, a corporate trainer and a mother of a gorgeous seven-year-old girl it has been a tough journey into losing weight. She shares, “I have thyroid and PCOD a deadly combination and also a very common thing found in many women these days. During my pregnancy the doctor also found that my cervix was short and hence I had to be on bedrest for many months which left me with very less physical activity.”

Though Shagufta finally had a normal delivery but post-pregnancy it left her with a lot of weakness and hence she could not think of any kind of exercise. She recalls, “Initially I looked fine but gradually as I use to breastfeed and eat a lot, I started gaining weight and it kept increasing. But as all mothers, I had no time to concentrate on myself. My focus was just my daughter and I would not even like looking at myself in the mirror and I bothered less about myself. Sadly, my health complications increased along with my weight.”

Find out how Shagufta overcame her battle with post-pregnancy weight loss right here!

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