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Tarot For U – the language of the universe through cards

Text by Bhumika Vikam

“This universe speaks directly, even sings, to poets, primitives, mystics and children, and through tarot we can all hear its song”- Wald Amberstone

Tarot cards are one of many forms of divination. They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event, or both. Tarot card reading is nowadays gaining a lot of significance and is very popular.

Here is our tête-à-tête with Tarot Card Reader Shambhavi Chhugani, a BHM and MBA graduate and the founder of ‘Tarot For U” with an experience of 18 years that provides ample of spiritual services along with services such as handwriting analysis, life coaching, alternative healing and therapies.

Shambhavi Chhugani, Founder of Tarot For U

How did it all begin?
Well, who would have imagined that a visit to a distant relative would actually make a college-going girl turn towards spirituality and become the founder of Tarot For U. This is what happened with Shambhavi.  She was still in college, doing her Masters when she decided to visit a distant relative. Little did she know it was a full moon night and that the relative read cards. It was during her stay there that she noticed that her relative was busy meditating in the balcony under the moonlit sky with cards open, a warm candlelight and with some soothing music. Shambhavi too settled down outside the door of her room on the floor, closed her eyes and meditated along. After this was done, she curiously asked her relative about the cards and heard an interesting story (about a fool who reflects upon every bit of life and his journey which quite closely represents human life) in return and her journey had begun.

The inspiration maybe had been small at that point, but Shambhavi was truly amazed how a deck of cards spoke the future and how it came true.

Initial Investment
Shambhavi proudly says, “The initial investment wasn’t much. But as time went by, I felt the need to develop the collaterals so the visiting cards came in first, then the standees (marketing collateral) and so on. With time I finally launched my website and now working on my brochure; I guess as one grows the need to invest also comes along with it.”

Explore the healing power of bach flower – Photo courtesy: Tarot For U

Challenges faced
Shambhavi was employed at fulltime work then, however, whenever she found the time, she would read more about the subject. Her biggest challenge lay in reaching out to people even though she had the expertise. “However, it’s important to be dedicated and patient, and success is bound to come with time,” says Shambhavi.

What makes ‘Tarot For U’ unique?
Shambhavi believes that it is important to understand the question and interpret it correctly so that the querent feels satisfied with the response. She further adds, “Every science is unique in its space, and with the apt knowledge and correct interpretation it stands out based on its own merit.”

Unique services at ‘Tarot For U’
‘Tarot for u’ has a bunch of unique services offered apart from the common tarot card reading. These include:

  • Personalised Vaastu Shopping Assistance which helps a person to pick up the right stuff for their house under the guidance of Vaastu and few other modalities
  • Zibu Symbols which are very powerful angelic symbols
  • Bach Flower Healing that includes healing with flower essence oil
  • Tarot Spells being simple spells that are effective for various things and situations.
  • Healing Through Art (workshop) is a very intense workshop that cleanses your soul and fills you up with a lot of positivity.
  • Doodles are random drawings that have a psychological interpretation and they speak a person’s mind.
  • Colour Therapy talks about and indulges in how every colour that you wear has significance and it speaks your mind.
  • Money Healing and Money Workshop believe the formula that money is energy and money has a karma, therefore, it is important to clear the karma to enjoy its abundance.

It takes many modalities to be used together to heal a person. All the services are linked to one another and get evolved as and when required.

All in a day’s work – humble yet strong

The demand for Tarot Card reading
Shambhavi explains why there is an increasing demand for tarot card reading. She says, “Importance of any art and science depends upon the individual and their needs. People are so hassled in their lives today that they look for peace outside their own comfort zone, hence giving a rise to such alternative therapies. The amount of stress around is increasing every day and such alternative forms of tarot reading help to give relief and a positive outlook.”

Tarot Reading v/s Science
Many of us have questions with regard to the existence of tarot card reading. Well, to answer all our doubts, Shambhavi explains, “Tarot is a science and art. Everything that we look into is for guidance; and tarot has it within itself, making it very intense and comprehensive. Every card that a person picks has for the tarot card reader to interpret has 78,000 meanings each; this is how intense it is.”

For someone who doesn’t believe in the science behind tarot, Shambhavi doesn’t try and convince them rather she makes them experience the power of the cards and the experience of the cards wins them.

Connect to the language of the universe with Shambhavi’s tarot card reading

Fee structure and other details
The duration of each reading is either 30mins or 60 mins, depending on how long does a client want to take. The charges start from INR 750 onwards.

A good news is that for Tarot it doesn’t matter where the client is as long as the energy is connected and people can get their cards read from anywhere across the globe.

Visions and aims for the future

Talking about future plans, Shambhavi adds, “With time, I want to scale up to the next level where it becomes a pleasure to consult and associate with corporate houses and other people. Tarot not only heals you but also connects you to your higher self. ‘Tarot For U’ has many projects lined up for the coming future.

Journey so far

“The response so far has been encouraging which has motivated me to evolve myself from one modality to the other. I have come a long way from where I had started and it’s an achievement in its own space,” smiles Shambhavi.

For bookings, find Shambhavi’s contact details in our Entrepreneur Directory Listing.

The magical world of tarot & gemstone healing

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