Tips on Adopting a Kitten

You look at cute kitten photos and your heart melts. Kittens are fun, cuddly and a treat to the eyes when you watch them play with a woolen ball or chase a butterfly. But there’s more to a playful kitten when you bring it home as a pet.

Just like a puppy, a kitten too needs to be trained. Toilet training tops the training aspect, then moving on to sharpening their claws, sleeping on a bed or couch.

You should ideally pick up a kitten that is more than 12 weeks of age. This tender age is crucial for these young felines to develop their instincts and skills with their litter and mother. More so, a reliable breeder/ pet shop owner/ shelter will not offer a kitten if it’s less than 12 weeks old. Remember, a kitten should be weaned before being brought home as a pet.

Adopt a kitten only if you know you can devote time to it. Remember a cat can live more than 20 years of age, hence it’s a lifelong commitment that you will be getting into.

Ideally, more than just the looks go for the personality of a kitten. Ask around, talk to friends who have pet cats, attend cat shows, read up books on breeds of cats. Before getting a kitten home get the following accessories ready for the little feline –

~ Litter box

~ Scratching post

~ Toys

~ Cozy bed and last but not the least

~ Love and time for your kitten

It is going to be difficult to prevent your cat from ruining your house. It WILL climb on your curtains, scratch your furniture, sit on top of a closet and what not. Maybe you can try and create something really fun and cozy for your kitten. The idea is your pet kitten needs something fun to play with, especially the ones that will save your household furniture. Visit a pet shop and choose something your kitty would like to play with. It is also recommended that you train and make it learn the difference between right and wrong. Use a softer and loving tone for a positive response and a stern and strict tone for a negative response.

Try and keep fixed timings to let your kitten out. Don’t let it roam around in the neighborhood for too long. It will be more prone to infections, attacks by bigger cats etc.

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