A popular neighbourhood family restaurant that has consistently turned out reasonably good food for the residents of Thakur Village, Kandivali East.

Though I cannot say much about their Thai food, as the last time I tried the Thai Green Curry, it was prepared out of coriander paste. So it is safest to stick to the regulars – Indian and Chinese.

Cascade is an answer to those mundane days when you don’t feel like cooking and want to drop by at a neighbourhood restaurant for a bite followed by a movie at Thakur My Cinema.

The location, service, food and the ambience of Cascade makes it an all round winner.  It is quite packed during weekends, so a weekday dinner or lunch is quite refreshing.

By far, I have found their Tandoor and Chinese dishes are quite good. Most of their non-vegetarian and vegetarian starters are delicious, but somehow I feel, they have reduced the quantity for the price. Try the Chicken Angara Kebab for starters, which is medium spicy tandoor specialty, goes quite well with beer or jaljeera combination.

In Chinese, Chicken Wok Fried Rice and Chicken Hot Garlic are a good combination for main course. Don’t miss their live pasta and salad counter, where you can mix and match the ingredients of your choice.

Cascade has a large window seating, which is quite nice especially during monsoons when the rains drop down the glass window panes, while you’re indulging in some hot soups and curries.

Earlier it faced stiff competition from Tandoori Table, which used to be a fantastic Tandoor joint known for its kebabs. Unfortunately, Tandoori Table has shut down, leaving most residents to make a bee line for Cascade since it is in the same area. Other competitive restaurants are Urban Tadka, Golden Charriot and the Ambience at Thakur Complex, which requires you to cross the Western Express Highway to Thakur Complex but it also comes with a lot of parking problems.

Thankfully, Cascade provides ample parking space as they are in the same building as Thakur My Cinema and there is enough space to park outside in the main building.

Overall Rating:

Ambience – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Service – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Presentation of food & drinks – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Quantity of food served – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Quality of food – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Price –  [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Worth a Visit – Of course! [scg_html_carrot]


Cascade – Around the World Cuisine
Thakur Village Avenue Residency
Thakur Cinema Mall
Kandivali – East
Mumbai – 400 101
Phone – 022-65252222/ 65257722

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