5 Reasons to Explore Jharkhand

Text: Bilakshan Santosh Harsh

If you’re a nature lover, fond of wildlife and are looking for a mini Kenya in India, guess what, a place like that exists and it is known as Jharkhand. The state of Jharkhand was formed in the year 2000 with a special appeal by adviasis who occupy two-thirds of the state population.

This hilly state shares its boundaries with five other states namely; Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Chattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. The state has a rich bio-diversity offering wildlife, waterfalls, forests and hills which has become its identity and the identity of the people.

Let me tell you some amazing facts about this state that makes it a popular travel destination for tourists visiting from India and abroad.

Welcome to Jharkhand. Photo credit: travelnewsdigest.in
Welcome to Jharkhand. Photo credit: travelnewsdigest.in

1. Tourist Spots

Jharkhand popularly known as the land of the forest is a heaven for nature lovers with the stunning waterfalls, lush green countryside, lakes and forest. The popular places that are a must to visit in Jharkhand are Ranchi, the capital city know for scenic falls such as Panch Gagh Falls, Jonha Killings, Hundru Falls, and Pahari Mandir. The second destination is Hazaribagh that offers breathtaking locations like Canary Hills, Hazaribagh Lake, Konar Dam, Suraj Kund. The third scenic place is Netarhat also knows Queen of Chotanapur that offers sightseeing locations that won’t make you believe that if you exist in India like Netarhat Hills, Koel View Point, Sandi Falls and Mangolia Sunset Points. The other place is Palamau that is known for its waterfall is Ghaghri. Waterfalls.

2. Wildlife

It is a paradise for wildlife lovers where you can spot bison and tigers while riding on elephant back in the tiger reserve. Some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries are Betla Tiger Reserve, Hazaribagh Tiger Reserve, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary and Udwa Bird Reserve. A variety of species such as Tiger, Sloth Bear, Asian Elephant, Indian Giant Squirrel, Mouse Deer are found in these sanctuaries.

3. Food

The food of Jharkhand is mainly influenced by its parent state Bihar, which shares common food dishes such as Litti Chokha, Pitta, Rugra, Malpua, Thekua, Dhuska and Aloo Chokha. The use of mustard oil in their cooking adds a different taste and aroma. Litti Choka is the most popular food and it is best enjoyed with yoghurt and Baigan ka Bharta. Apart from this, there is another famous drink called Handia which is a local fermented rice beer.

4. Culture, art & languages

The beauty of the state also lies in the age-old tribal culture and arts. The art and craft of the state are deeply connected to nature. It includes bamboo crafts, Paitkar paintings, metal works and wood crafts. Paitkar paintings are known all over the world also known as scroll paintings.

There are five languages that are spoken in this state Santhali, Maithali, Urdu and Bengali.

5. Heritage spots & Monuments

If you are fond of history and would like to understand and see the old history and culture of Jharkhand, then are some popular heritage forts that boast about the various dynasties from Magdha to Raksel Rajput. Some popular forts are Navratangarh fort that talks about Navganshi Dynasty, old forts built in the Palamu district during the regime of Raksel Dynasty. Apart from this, there are other archaeological sites nearby Ranchi such as the Ancient Stone Temple, Isko Village Which is famous of cave paintings during the stone age.

And guess what, Jharkhand is also a new favourite destination for Bollywood with some really popular films being shot here, right from Death in the Gunj and Udaan. Also, how can we forget, it is also the home state of the famous Indian cricketer of M.S Dhoni and archer Deepa Kumari.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the state of Jharkhand that is yet to be explored. Maybe the next time you’re planning an off-beat holiday, how about a trip to one of these locations.

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Bilakshan Santosh Harsh
Bilakshan Santosh Harsh

Bilakshan Santosh Harsh

Harsh holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and TV Broadcast Journalism. After a successful stint as a TV producer with NDTV, he’s on a sabbatical to study law in Delhi. His interests include photography, film making, fine art and music and culture.

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