Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd, Kolkata – Shopping Review

Located in Park Street, Rajniklal is a name to reckon with. 

You hear the name Rajaniklal, and the first picture that flashes across your mind is the vibrant coloured ceramic ware.

Rajniklal is probably the only company that I can safely add that creates ceramic ware that is both microwave and oven proof that allows you to bake and serve a meal in the same dish.

Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd started in the late 1960’s, are known for their water filters, water filter candles, but more popularly known for their hand crafted colourful ceramic ware dinner sets, tea sets and decorative household items. What makes Rajniklal so unique is that they were one of the first organizations to introduce handmade ceramic ware for dining and home that are made from safe and food grade products. Their ceramic ware is heat resistant, durable and available in vibrant colours.

I remember visiting Rajniklal with my aunt when I was in school. I bought a couple of large coffee mugs for my brother and myself, hand painted tea cups for my parents and a small ceramic elephant as a gift for my mom. Ever since my visit to Rajniklal as a child, I’ve been an ardent fan and whoever visits Calcutta, I ask them to bring me something from there.

On my recent trip to Calcutta during Christmas, my cousins and aunts gifted me some beautiful dishes and bowls from Rajniklal.

They have no sales girl in loud makeup or young sales boys in jeans and tees; but people who have been working in the company for several years are there to help you at the counter. They are patient and happily show you all that you ask for, even if you don’t buy it.

I bought a tea pot to brew the favourite Assam tea, and a few gift items like ceramic owls with little holes on the top of their heads for you to fix aroma sticks (quite unique) for friends.

I picked up coloured bottles of green, red and yellow that can be used either as a vase or oil dispensers, candle stands in the shape of swans and little ceramic shopping bags.

While I was getting mine packed I saw some foreign tourists come in to pick up their large parcels that they would be taking back home. When I reached home and opened the parcel, I was surprised to see how well all the things that I had bought from Rajniklal was in perfect condition. The parcel had weathered air, rail and road from Calcutta to Kerala and there as not even a scratch.

If you ever get a ceramic ware from Rajniklal, these are the tips you need to keep in mind. They give you these tips in a pamphlet when you buy any kitchenware and can be found on their website as well.

1. Use ovenware dishes on electric ovens, gas ovens and microwave ovens ONLY. Do not use these over a direct flame.

2. Pre-heat oven before use. Pre-grease the ‘domit’ dish before placing the food for baking, and make sure that the food does not completely dry up.

3. Do not put the hot ‘domit’ dish just removed from an oven on a cold or wet surface.

4. Allow hot ovenware, with food to reach room temperature, before placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

5. Never use plastic covers in the oven/microwave or even when theovenware is hot.

6. For reheating , allow frozen dishes to reach room temperature before placing it into the oven.

7. Use only soap water to clean ‘domit’ dishes. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scour pads or  detergent powder, as they will scratch the surface of your ‘domit’ ovenware.

8. Follow the microwave manufacturer’s instructions when using the microwave.

A ceramic lover’s paradise, Rajniklal is a fantastic place to be when you’re visiting Calcutta. Forget the malls, go back to the roots that no mall can replicate. This is a place which truly believes in what it sells.

Fortunely, Rajniklal is only found in Calcutta and they have no branches. How lovely is that! Some things that are really good should not be found so easily and off the shelf, otherwise they would loose their charm.

If you truly like something and want to make it a part of your home, then go the extra mile and bring it back, as that will creates more value and meaning to that object. This is what Rajaniklal is for me.


Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd

32 Park Mansion 57 A

Park Street Kolkata 700016

Ph – 033 22297963 / 033 222297588

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2 thoughts on “Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd, Kolkata – Shopping Review

  • Rishabh Sanghvi

    Dear Tanya
    My name is Rishabh Sanghvi and I am a director at Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd
    thank you for the lovely article, its feel nice when customers appreciate our products and spread the word, there is however a slight error in this article which I would like to point out and request if you could rectify
    the showroom on park street is Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd and not Rajaniklal Ceramics, the “Acko” brand is not bake and serve unlike its predecessor “domit” its just dishwasher n microwave safe. Acko is the trademark brand of Rajaniklal Sales and has no connection to domit or Rajaniklal ceramic. we do not keep domit anymore and have stopped since many years.
    Rajaniklal sales pvt ltd and Rajaniklal ceramic pvt ltd are 2 different companies only having the 1st name common else they are in no ways related or co-related
    the picture you have put up are all of Acko brand
    I would also request you to kindly rectify the address details as given below
    Rajaniklal Sales Pvt Ltd
    32 Park Mansion
    57,A,Park Street
    Kolkata 700016.
    Ph – 033 22297963 / 033 222297588
    thank you once again for the beautiful write up
    email – rajaniklal@hotmail.com

    • Dear Mr. Sanghvi,
      Thank you for your mail to us and for the updation regarding your brand. We shall make the changes right away.
      Warm regards,


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