Spring Bazaar 2013 in your city

Here’s an exciting announcement by one of our valued readers Momi Mukherjee the founder of Devi. Check out the surprises in store for all you shopohlics in the city on 13th March!!

Whoever said that women cannot collaborate amongst themselves ought to attend SPRING BAZAAR 2013!!!

It happens to be a brainwave while long lost friends met after years and giggled over a cuppa and exchanged notes on the better halves, the next generation, corporate life and a paradigm shift in life.

The urge to make our tiny yet tremendous effort to be our own masters,  six degrees of separation from like minded people and not to forget the shared enthusiasm brought us entrepreuners together to start SPRING BAZAAR………and while these are baby steps, the idea is to keep this going throughout the year and involve more women entrepreneurs.

The common thread that binded us were the years of corporate experience, travel, books and the need to do something of our own…..with every drop of our passion, creativity, aesthetic sense and a need to be a runaway entrepreuner.

The labels that have come together this startup year are :

  1. Devi
  2. Taraa
  3. Aviksha
  4. Koonik
  5. Half 2 Five
  6. Saundhi Mitti
  7. Pepper Corns
  8. & Things Like That
  9. Pure Ghee Designs
  10. Home Is Where The Art Is

Venue & Dates

Timings: from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

11th March
2B Waldorf (Godrej)
Opp. Millatnagar
Next to Samarth Ashish
Andheri (W)
Contact : Abhinanda 9619917803
13th March
402 Esha Ekta Apartments
Campa Cola Compound
Contact : Momi 9833686808
19th March
1101 Callalily Z wing
Nahar Amrit Shakti
Chandivali, Powai
Contact : Ishani 9920069222
21st March
5/6 Seep C.H.S.
27 Sherly Rajan Road
off Carter Road
Bandra west
contact : Tulip 9820144061
All above mentioned days from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

[scg_html_choclate] Devi 

Owner : Momi Mukherjee

Started on 11th June 2012, Devi embodies passion for natural textures, colours & skill of hand in all media.

Devi is a small effort in continuing the rich heritage of our vast country. An effort in keeping and improvising the colours, textures and designs. All that is sustainable, green, natural and handcrafted. All that has passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen. httpDevi is an effort in creating a platform to re-introduce to you, what is yours and bring under one e-roof gorgeous work done by talented people all across the country.

All products are sourced from weavers, cooperatives, NGOs. But yes they are hand selected individually by me….things that I would wear and feel proud to own.

[scg_html_choclate] Saundhi Mitti

Website & and

Founder : Ruchira Bhatia

Saundhi Mitti is India’s only boutique pottery brand, available online and through select lifestyle stores. Saundhi Mitti designs and creates some of India’s finest pottery tableware, and believes in promoting the art form through various media.

Saundhi Mitti was founded in 2011 by Ruchira Bhatia after more than 10 years in Marketing / Brand Management, because she simply fell in love with the beauty of pottery, and found a real business niche in connecting its supply with its demand.

[scg_html_choclate] Peppercorns

Blog & Facebook: and

Owner : Abhinanda Bhattacharya

Peppercorns anchored by Abhinanda Bhattacharya, is an entity which celebrates world food. A new born, birth year being 2012, peppercorns has succeeded in creating successful home parties by providing an end to end solution in gourmet food across cuisines.

Gorenje, a Slovanian kitchen appliance brand uses peppercorns to create live cooking experiences for potential customers. Concepts like bowls of goodness, let’s throw a party, one-pot meals and starters & more have been run really successfully across many batches and events.

This year peppercorns is showcasing in a live cooking workshop at Whassup, Andheri. The last but not the least lively buzz has been cooking classes for kids and related thematic birthday parties. Less than a year into its venture, with a home-office and a home-kitchen as infrastructure, Abhinanda pursues her love for food and passion for good times.

[scg_html_choclate] Home is where the Art is

Blog & Facebook and

Owner : Sahana Singh

After over ten years of a career in advertising and marketing, I decided to hang up my corporate shoes on new year’s eve 2009. So began a new journey.

Today I am on my way to becoming a self-taught furniture designer, interior decorator, photographer, painter, blogger and of course, I’m already a huge foodie + travel junkie. Whew, no wonder I can’t keep track of my days! My blogs are a small attempt to share my ideas and keep the inspiration alive. Hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy writing them.

‘Home is where the art is’ brings ideas and inspiration for interiors and brings design and décor a step closer to you.

[scg_html_choclate] & Things Like That


Owner : Tulip Rodrigues

& THINGS LIKE THAT offers personalised gifts for every occasion that are exclusively designed by our team of designers. 

This venture was born out of a desire to create products that are unique, practical, innovative, fresh & beautiful. Our idea is to provide you with that exact Eureka moment when you know you have hit upon a gift that will be as distinctive as the special person you are giving it to.

[scg_html_choclate] Half 2 Five


Owners : Ishani Dutt Sarkar & Diya Nair

Children’s clothing in ethnic cotton fabrics.

Our line of kidswear is designed to suit every climate and lifestyle with emphasis on comfort and aesthetics.

Fabrics are all pure cotton and sourced from different parts and cultures of our country. While the look and feel of the fabric we use is ethnic/Indian, the designs are contemporary and comfortable.

[scg_html_choclate] Koonik

Website & Facebook and

Owner : Sonal Shah

Organic cotton clothes, lead free toys for infants and toddlers.

Organic Cotton saves the planet. Shunning chemical pesticides and fertilizers helps conserving our precious water resources. Organic farming techniques helps in retaining & replenishing the goodness of the soil and puts a smile on our planet’s happy face!

Koonik clothes are made from 100% soft organic cotton. Grown using all natural, non genetically modified seeds, organic fertilizers and natural pest repellant methods, organic cotton is the purest, softest & happiest form of cotton.

The toys are handmade out of soft ivory wood and are coated with dyes derived from vegetables and fruit extracts. This makes them environmentally friendly at the same time, very safe for your baby. They are lead free, mercury free and basically free of anything that can harm your precious little one.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Bazaar 2013 in your city

  • hi!
    really interesting stuff tanya.
    i am developing handcrafted saris and indian wear, working with artisans from north and central india. wanted to know if i could participate in your events.


    • Hi Sumati,
      Thanks so much! 🙂
      We’ll revert with your query shortly.

  • momi mukherjee

    Hi Sumati,

    We do not have space for the current spring bazaar. however we will be showcasing more work during the course of the year.
    So if you are a facebook entrepreneur or an e-commerce outfit, please send us your link and facebook address page to



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