Traveling solo in Europe

Traveling solo in Europe
Traveling solo in Europe

Believe it or not, but it is an experience of a lifetime. Getting to be in a whole new country all by yourself, with only you and your conscience tasting an entirely different culture and way of living, is quite exhilarating.  There are thousands of people young and old traveling across Europe, out which the number of solo women travelers is quite overwhelming. Hence, one should not find it hard to comprehend if your girlfriend/ daughter/ sister wants to travel to Europe all by herself. In fact, several women across America prefer traveling solo. So here are some tips for first-time solo women travelers to keep in mind while heading out.

It’s very important that as a solo woman traveler you are on your guard. As far as possible, avoid too much of eye contact with other fellow travelers/ localities if you’re not too sure of their background.

If you come across any person whom you instinctively don’t like, avoid telling him/ her that you’re traveling solo. Tell the person you will be shortly joined by a friend in the next destination. Best would be, to avoid telling just anyone whom you meet that you’re a solo traveler.

Before heading out solo, inform your folks/ friends back home of your whereabouts. Keep your identification, address, and emergency contact numbers handy for any kind of emergency.

It’s always advisable that you check before hand with a taxi the total fare from your hotel/ hostel to the next destination. This will prevent your taxi driver from charging you extra at the end of the journey.

Dress up simple and neat. The idea is to not attract too much of attention, hence avoid revealing clothes, flashy gadgets like your latest cell phone, jewellery etc.

Preferably try and ask for directions from the tourist information booths only. At least the inputs that you get will be reliable.

Travel safely through Europe
Travel safely through Europe

Be very clear before hand where your next destination will be. Do your research by asking the hostel owner, tourist booth, read up maps etc and look confident when hailing a taxi or taking a bus ride.

Keep a first aid kit, medicine kit handy in your back pack. Whatever it is, avoid sharing any lotion, water from a fellow traveler. Carry your own supplies.

It is no longer a popular trend to hitch a ride while traveling solo. It is not only unsafe, but you never know where hitching a ride maybe illegal.

But to avoid all this, it’s best you get hold of a bus pass, if you wish to travel by road. Or make friends with a fellow woman traveler and share a taxi or hire a car.

For a solo traveler, finding a single room for stay can be a little tough. Check for the room rates at the hotel/ hostel price list. Single rooms are the cheapest but may not be all that comfortable. If you have a flexible budget then paying a little extra for a bigger/ better room should be a good idea.

Finally, before setting out on your Europe trip, talk to people who have been on similar trips before and do enough online research so that you know what to expect upon reaching there.

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