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A thank you note from the Entrepreneurs at the 1st Meetup in Mumbai

The success of The Lifestyle Portal’s first Entrepreneur Meetup – Mumbai Edition has brought us some thank you notes. 

When these messages of gratitude started pouring in, I was elated:

With Mamta Kalambe, Co-Founder Tell-a-Tale Studios

Mamta Kalambe, Co-Founder Tell-a-Tale Studios

TLP’s Entrepreneur Meetup was different from other meetups I’d been part of before. Unlike other meetups, where there are just card exchanges and fewer conversations, this group focused on giving time to each entrepreneur by letting them exclusively present their brands themselves. It had experienced speakers talking on how to run and sustain a business and delved into how challenges can be enabling. It was humbling to see an array of women entrepreneurs ranging from different age groups. The best part of the meetup was, the talk by Rhituparna Mitra – Founder – Our Earth & Us: Striking the Right Balance. Nikhil and I as the co-founders of Tell-a-Tale Studios and as individuals have a focus in life to be and live an ecologically conscious lifestyle. We feel as entrepreneurs, we need to be ecologically conscious and ethical in not only doing a business but also how we impact our nature. So there goes a brownie point to Tanya to have this talk!

R-:L – Aparna Mohan, Mamta Kalambe

Aparna Garg, Founder – Let’s Get Lost

TLP’s First Ent MeetUp was complete in every sense – a good line-up of guest speakers, a great mix of budding entrepreneurs & a perfectly planned schedule for the session. While Sanjay Mukherjee and Avishek Ganguly shared their knowledge with us laced with wit and humour; Raina Khatri Tandon and Rituparna Mitra motivated us with excellent examples. It was an eye-opener listening to the stories of budding entrepreneurs, on how they braved all odds and proved their mettle. It was great that everyone got to present their story in equal measure.
The best part of the meetup though was the surprise judging that was going on all through without our knowledge. And it makes me proud and humbles me at the same time to have won the award for the Best Presenter. It is a great feeling to know that my learnings at kick-starting & running Let’s Get Lost could touch everyone’s heart and  help & motivate them to keep on growing.
Lot of us out here are self-taught and first-time entrepreneurs who need a positive eco-system to grow. Thanks to platforms such as TLP for providing & nurturing such an eco-system. Tanya puts her heart into her work and it shows – the earthy and humane touch that she adds to her work makes it even more special. Kudos to you Tanya on a successful first meetup and I am looking forward to many more.
Avishek Ganguly

Avishek Ganguly – Founder, Calls Incorporated

Dear Tanya,

It was an enriching experience being part of The Lifestyle Portal’s entrepreneur meet up! Most one day workshops tend to be stereotypical often following a very set but monotonous pattern. This one was a like a vibrant interactive session, where keynote speakers not only elucidated pearls of entrepreneurial wisdom but equally gained wisdom from the diverse but fascinating journeys of the participating entrepreneurs. It was truly an all-star team. A special mention for Sanjay Mukherjee, he was magical and truly a worthy mentor and to you Tanya and The Lifestyle Portal – a round of applause. I loved the meticulous planning, the eye for detail, the format and content of the sessions and those wonderful takeaway goodies!
But the most important takeaway was this forum where one got to network with fellow entrepreneurs to enhance one’s own business prospects.

Anushree Chatterjee Patni giving her talk

Anushree Chatterjee Patni, Founder – Goregaon Highway Pulse

Thank you, Tanya, for a great meetup. The session was so warm, insightful and so helpful. It was organised perfectly. It was inspiring to meet and know of such great work, such great stories. The Lifestyle Portal and you are a true inspiration. May you meet so many more successes!

With Ad. Nishant Masakre & Sanjay Mukherjee

Adv. Nishant Makasare – Founder, The Sixth Element (TM)

Dear Tanya, I wasn’t there for the whole event but there was a positive aura of achievers that I felt the moment I walked in. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Appreciate every bit of the effort you and your team put in to make this event a success… Kudos

Sanjay Mukherjee, Founder of The Mountain Walker, RedstoneSummerhill and Chief Strategy Advisor for Peak Pacific.

Dear Tanya, and TLP community:

Today was one of the most inspiring days of this decade for me. I learned more today from all of you that I have from all my other work interactions in the past year. All of you are true rock stars and I thank you for being so kind to welcome and include me in your community. It is an honour. It was a superb event and I hope to see many more in the future.

Rhituparna Mitra

Rhituparna Mitra – Founder – Our Earth & Us: Striking the Right Balance

Firstly, it was an absolute delight to be part of such a cosy but motivated group of entrepreneurs. I can’t be more grateful for having me over as the guest speaker and allowing me to spread the love for our health and this planet. At the outset, I must admit that the organization of the programme, hospitality, the entire communication was flawless! No one could tell that you are just a one-woman army behind the show. It was fun meeting entrepreneurs who are cracking it in their own areas of work! I was also quite delighted to see the response of my talk from the audience. In fact, your event got me thinking if at all; there could be a business around sustainable living. Looking forward to other meetups like these.

Raina Khatri Tandon

Raina Khatri Tandon, Breakthrough Coach and, Author, Corporate Certified Trainer, Women Inspired Entrepreneur and Speaker

Dear Tanya,

The event organised by The Lifestyle Portal on 11th Aug was very interactive, an eye opener and very knowledgeable. It was an amazing experience sharing my knowledge and connecting with like-minded women entrepreneurs. As a Founder, you are a very warm, welcoming and an amazing Entrepreneur, a true professional and an epitome of womanhood in power and poise. I simply loved the welcome, honour and privilege you gave me on your platform where I got a chance to empower the women through an experience in Breakthrough.

Thanks once more for having me as a Guest Speaker at your meetup.

Saloni Mirchandani Malkani

Saloni Mirchandani Malkani, Co-Founder – The Food Bloggers Association of India (The FBAI)

I had a lovely time where I got to meet such wonderful and inspiring people. Thanks, Tanya!

Apoorva Mairal

Apoorva Mairal, Founder – The Sweet Store

I really loved the meetup. It was a learning experience for me. So good to meet all the fellow entrepreneurs and I hope everyone liked the cupcakes! 🙂

Harshali Sawant

Harshali Sawant, Founder – Tummy Tucks

The workshop was very nicely planned and organised. Personally, I found it very useful, I made many contacts and learned a lot from start to the end.

Rashmi Bagri

Rashmi Bagri – Corporate Trainer, Experiential Educator, Counsellor & Happiness Coach

Hi Tanya,

The meet was overall very insightful. Meeting fellow entrepreneurs and listening to their journey was very inspiring. It was perfectly organized. My takeaway was to believe in your self and your services with focus and clear vision will help scale heights. Looking forward to such events in the future. Specific topics like mentoring and developing a business plan would be helpful. Finally, we met and it was wonderful meeting you. Happy to be associated with such an enterprising group.

Pallavi Mehta

Pallavi Mehta, Events Consultant

It was a wonderful experience, where we met with fellow entrepreneurs, key

speakers and guest speakers too. We witnessed a new world unfolding in front of us with valuable lessons to be learnt. And not to forget the vibrant energy throughout the session; we’re looking forward to many more session of the same.

Megha Kumbhar

Megha Kumbhar, Founder – Nurturing Talents

Thanks a lot for a great meet up.

It was an excellent experience!

Siddhi Padgaonkar

Siddhi Padgaonkar – Dealer in Ektra Superware Fine Dining
Those who dare to fight the odds and take the world with the determination to establish as a businesswoman; thanks to The Lifestyle Portal and a special thanks to Ms.Tanya Munshi who has given us this opportunity. I would love to associate with you for our future endeavours and I salute each and everyone for the steps they have taken in spite of several challenges they had to face. Also thanks to our Speakers who given us the guidelines for the same.

Sunita Mundra

Sunita Mundra, Founder Muskaan Collection

It was a very good experience. Thank you so much for organizing such an event. I have received excellent guidance and I am looking forward to more such meetups.

Rupal Shah

Rupal Shah, Certified Yoga Instructor

It was great to be a part of TLP’s first entrepreneur’s meet up. As a yoga teacher, I felt out of the box being there. But as insisted by Tanya Munshi I got a lot to learn from the success stories of other entrepreneurs. Being an artist by heart I have tried selling my art but all in vain. But that urge to produce creativity has never died within me. Ideas keep popping up and also blast out. But now inspired by speakers and other entrepreneurs I am going to start up something perfectly planned and executed. And by the next meet up, I’ll have my own success story as an entrepreneur.

Event photography by: Anand Rohimal

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