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Artwork by Rithika ThallaFor the past several years, The Lifestyle Portal has been actively writing about people who’re talented and are courageous enough to break from the mould and try out something different.

Here’s one such talented lady from Hyderabad who took her love for art and design to the next level in spite of coming from an Electronics background.

Meet Rithika Thalla a B.Sc (Electronics), Diploma in Interior Design from Hyderabad who is now successfully donning up residences, independent houses, villas, commercial and retail spaces in her city.

We chatted with her about her journey on becoming an interior designer. Read on to see how the intricacies of her love for art and her creativity come alive through these well-designed homes. 

When did it all begin?Rithika Thalla profile pic

For Rithika her love for art began at school. She had a natural inclination towards sketching and painting. Seeing her do well, her teachers recommended her name for various inter-school and age group competitions, where she did pretty well.


“Additionally, my dad was also good at sketching and painting, and he gave good tips to improve my skills. Both my parents took a lot of interest in my creative skills and encouraged me to do better. That is how I got initiated into art,” recalls Rithika.

As in the case of Interior Design, Rithika adds, “We wanted to give our home a new look by getting the interiors done a few years ago. During the process, I gave many creative ideas which were appreciated by my parents. That’s when we realised I have a natural inclination towards Design. Subsequently, I did a diploma in Interior Design from Hamstech Institute of Interior and Fashion Design in Hyderabad and took it up as my profession. Since I paint as well, my final designs come out with a distinct blend of art and latest concepts in Interior Design.”

Since she started painting when she was in 4th or 5th Grade and kept on improving, she could easily move into Interior Design and during that time Rithika felt that she could carve out an interesting profession in Interior Design.

Artwork by Rithika ThallaGrowing up with art

During her school days, Rithika started off with water colours and gradually moved on to a bigger canvas using various other media like oil, acrylic etc.

“Now I dabble in various themes like abstracts, landscapes, still life and portraits. Recently, I have tried out something really quirky by painting a pair of yellow loafers which otherwise appeared really boring, I’ve also painted one of the walls of my living room with a beautiful fruit-bearing tree in a Madhubani-style art,” smiles Rithika.

Style of working

Rithika shares that her line of work requires a good knowledge of the latest material out in the market, which she tries to stay updated through regular market survey and through the Internet.

“Electronic media helps a lot when I need to look up how art and architecture are evolving internationally. I make sure to visit various stores dealing in design material in my city regularly to upgrade myself in various aspects of design,” adds Rithika.

What makes her work unique? Interior Design by Rithika Thalla

Rithika believes that every person on this planet is unique, “Your style, your nature, your character, your dedication, everything reflects in your work. Since I am also an artist, I love mixing and matching colours, which shows in my designs too but very subtly as I believe in balance.”

Processes involved

Once the client finalises a project with Rithika, she first makes it a point to visit the site and have a look at the Architectural plan and elevation drawings to mentally visualise and bring out the concepts, keeping in mind the client’s preferences.

Interior Design by Rithika ThallaBased on this, she taps into her creativity to come up with some beautiful and highly functional spaces keeping the technical aspects (Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting, Safety co-ordination) in mind. All aspects of design such as Flooring, Ceiling design, Furniture design and Furnishings (Drapes, Bed dressing, Sofa Fabrics, Wall coverings) are taken care of right from the beginning.

“The time taken depends on the size of the project and degree of work to be done. We get involved in the project right from conceptualization to implementation, until we hand over the project to the client,” mentions Rithika.

With regard to adding her personal style to the interior design, she further adds, “I am very keen on finding unique and interesting items and accessories for our clients such as murals, chandeliers, light fittings, artefacts. Accessories play a very important role in the beautification of a place. They bring out the personality of the residents of the home.”

Reaching out to Rithika Interior Design by Rithika Thalla

If you’re keen to give your house/ personal space/ office a facelift or commission an artwork from Rithika, you can write to her at

You can also have a look at her brilliant artwork in Facebook page – RithikaThalla/Artist or check out her website as well.

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