Photo Write-Up Contest: 1st Prize Winner – ‘Hopes for my Country’

Congratulations to our first prize winner Manisha Panwar from New Delhi. According to our Sponsor Naina Dey, “The somber picture of India Gate silhouetted against the sun is an emblem of glory and Manisha’s write-up is an apt 1st prize winner_Manisha Panwarillustration of the emotions that it has evoked in her.

She goes back to the past and recalls the great men martyred for the cause of India’s independence and then ruminates on the present, thinking ways of making life more dignified and healthy for her fellow countrymen and to make them politically and socially aware.”

Manisha, your write-up evokes in us a sense of pride, responsibility and ownership towards our country. Thank you for this wonderful write-up and congratulations! 😀

Read her write-up here:

‘Hopes for my Country’ – by Manisha Panwar

I took this picture on an early morning walk at the mighty India Gate. When I came back and saw what I clicked I was overwhelmed with thoughts of the country. For me, the photograph symbolizes the hopes that I have for my country. The India Gate, as all know is a symbol of respect for the martyrs who gave up their lives.

For me the sun breaking makes me feel if the martyrs were alive today,would they be proud of what they saw? And though many may say “not really”, I would still stand tall and say yes. The country today even with it’s many political, social and economical issues is a survivor. It has excellent leadership in all areas who are bringing in the “change they want to see”. India is now well on it’s way to become a Global brand.

There are innumerable issues that the country faces today but which nation does not. The picture tells me that I need to do my bit for my country. It inspires me to look up and ask myself what is it that I can do to make my country better. How can I possibly maintain the country that the martyrs had given up their life for.

And here it new year resolution be able to contribute in any small way I could that could help my country become better. It started with planting a couple of trees where I live, having a small workshop for children on hygiene and sanitation, motivating the domestic help to go and vote.

I realize that smaller steps lead to bigger achievements. My hope is to see the people of India live up to the expectations of those who did not let the country bleed. I hope to see the sun shining bright next time I capture the India Gate..not just on it but on INDIA itself.

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