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Hobby goes colourful!

Most of us claim to be a hobbyist, but only some of us take a step further to showcase our wares created by the sheer love for the art form. We caught up with 23-year-old Delhi-based, Neha Panwar, a fashion designer by profession who is the founder of a quirky and whacky online hobby store called ‘No – Necrotic Obsessions’.

Don’t go by the name, as Neha’s got some really cool, bright and colourful designs up her sleeve for people who appreciate handcrafted items. These products are ideal for decking up a rustic-themed restaurant; an office space, as a gifting item and the fashion accessories, can bring to life the mundane weekdays with a cheer!

The inspiration

Neha mentions that her inspiration comes from the handmade craft, which is vanishing these days. “My main focus is on a handmade craft with a modern and funky touch. Every product is handmade and hand painted by me. Being a fashion designer by profession and an artist by heart, I always wanted to start something on my own and so began my venture ‘NO-Necrotic Obsessions’ with an initial investment of Rs. 5,000/- which helped me convert my hobby into a part-time business,” mentions Neha.

The brand name

While you may wonder why such a negative and morbid name as ‘Necrotic’, Neha explains, “I needed a unique and a catchy name so I thought of ‘Necrotic Obsessions’ and ‘NO’ automatically came in as the short form.”

The journey so far…

While she sources most of her raw materials from Delhi, Neha admits that she faces one problem where it is difficult to convince people on how her products are unique and why they should buy them. So she regularly conducts online contests on Facebook to spread awareness of her brand and products.

On the positive note, Neha mentions, “Gradually the response has been pretty good because in just four months we are selling on different online portals like indiologie, craftsvilla and much more.”

So what can you pick up from ‘NO-Necrotic Obsessions’? Well, there is these colourful hand painted clay piggy banks, hair bands, hand painted glass bottles and lots more, all within the price range of Rs. 80 – Rs. 350/-!


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