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How food has empowered people to become entrepreneurs: Dushyant Bhatia

The Lifestyle Portal is very happy to host Dushyant Bhatia, Founder of Eating Cultures at our 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup. Register now and get a chance to hear him speak on how food has empowered people to become entrepreneurs.  

Book your seat for 23rd November 2019 (Saturday) at Northern Lights, E-Square, Pune to be a part of our 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup. Prior registration is mandatory. Drop us an email at contact@tanyamunshi.com to confirm your slot.

Dushyant has been in multiple businesses. He has been an IT trainer, restaurateur and currently into IT services and food blogging.

In his current IT venture, he has been a lead architect and technologist on various Financial and Educational Domain projects. He has worked on handling host-based systems to the current cloud-based applications using Azure / Amazon.

Keeping abreast of the latest technologies and adapting to them is his forte. With 25 years of experience, Dushyant heads the India Operations of Iniquus IT Services Pvt. Ltd in Pune, India. He is leading a team of resources to deliver in the Financial and retail domains for multiple clients across multiple geographies. Having said that he calls himself an accidental IT professional.  If he was not in IT, writing code, he would be working as a chef or a restaurateur.

Endeavouring to be a complete human being, and while being that, achieve success, has and will always be his objective. While being in IT, he has not been able to keep his hands off; his passion for food. He started a fast food restaurant called Burgerland in 1997. Barring a couple, there were no authentic Burger or hotdog places at that point in time. This restaurant taught him a lot about cooking and keeping customers happy.

He continued his IT journey only to come back again to food in 2016 when he started writing about food and sharing his insights with the world through his blog Eating Cultures.

Dushyant now has a network of home chefs where he does weekend cooking to serve party orders of 50-60 people with a large variety of food on the menu. He also runs a food club in the area to be in touch with fellow foodies in Bavdhan. One can find him in the kitchen more often than on his laptop

Apart from the above Dushyant spends a lot of time running an NGO called Bavdhan Citizens Forum. This is a group of active citizens created with 3 objectives, Safe Bavdhan, Clean Bavdhan and Happy Bavdhan.

Dushyant Bhatia, Founder, Eating Cultures
Dushyant Bhatia, Founder, Eating Cultures

Dushyant Bhatia, Founder, Eating Cultures

Eating Cultures as a blog and business was conceived about 3 years back. The idea was to cover recipes, experiences around food, specific cuisines and unique food all around India. We started writing unique content to the extent of having recipes of Sat Saagi in Sindhi to Tungrymbai from Meghalaya. The journey from 0 followers to a decent follower base on facebook and a good amount of unique visitors every day to the website was fascinating, to say the least.

We do food walks and make people experience the food in Pune. We talk to food enthusiasts. We conducted events on food photography, food blogging, etc. We ran basic cooking courses specifically for men. We still have many ideas and still, have a long way to go.

On continuous requests from some of the enthusiast followers, We are now venturing into waters that are already crowded with my own take on recipes, food experiences and sharing some eating cultures gyan on video.

The Lifestyle Portal’s 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Meetup, Pune: (For more details, click here)

Venue: E-Square
Timing: 10am – 5:30pm
For Bookings: Email us at contact@tanyamunshi.com

Topics to be covered at the meetup:
i) Top 5 Business Mistakes I made & the Lessons Learned.
ii) What does Environmental Sustainability & Entrepreneurship mean to me
iii) Homepreneurs – what makes us so successful

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