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5 things you cannot do without if looking to be an Entrepreneur: Shalini Singh

The Lifestyle Portal is proud to announce our Keynote Speaker, Shalini Singh, Founder, Galvanise PR and andwemet.com. While Galvanise is a communication and PR consultancy firm, andwemet.com is a responsible website to help urban Indians to find their soulmate.

Shalini Singh, Founder, Galvanise PR and andwemet.com
Shalini Singh, Founder, Galvanise PR and andwemet.com

Shalini Singh, Founder, Galvanise PR and andwemet.com

  1. There cannot be a plan B – when you are looking to build a venture you need to have a mindset that there is no Plan B you can fall back on – this mindset allows you to give in all you have to the venture. An analogy, once you bring a child to the world, it is your responsibility to nurture the child, imbibe values to the progeny and raise them to be good human beings.
  2. Patience and a calm mind – is a must for an Entrepreneur. Do not kill the paranoia you have to build a quality venture, keep that fire burning, but do understand it takes time and lot of iterations before you see the venture take the shape you had envisioned for it.
  3. Outsource Technology – gone are the days when ventures need an in-house technology team. Awareness about technology is required and the development can be outsourced for the first three years if not more. Having said this, the Entrepreneur should be able to recognise the team it would need to work with long term and for that one may be required to date a few firms before you settle for the final partner. Be specific about the expectation in terms of quality of work and the deadline to be produced within.
  4. Capital – There should be enough cash flow to sustain the business for 24 months.
  5. Thinking end to end – ideation and implementation should be built keeping in mind support and engagement with the end customer and the eco-system providers.

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