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Nilanjanaa Jayant – a 12-year-old Rockstar from Bangalore

Nilanjanaa profile picHere’s a latest singing sensation and she’s all of 12; ladies and gents meet the very pretty and cute Nilanjanaa Jayant, a class 7 student of The Samhita Academy in Bangalore who is a part of a band called ‘Sandstorm’.

She’s been learning western music, vocals and keyboard at Taaqademy Bangalore and has been singing for the last five years.

Recently Nilanjanaa has lent her voice for a jingle for a children’s portal. The song is called Beautiful City. This was also played on Radio Indigo on Children’s Day all through the day.

Also meet her very beautiful mother, Sangeeta Ananth a fine art – applied arts graduate who started her career in the creative section of the advertising industry as she gradually moved on to technical writing. She quit her job to join her mother’s small high-end boutique ‘SHYNA’ in Bangalore as it was bursting to expand.Collaborate with us: Write to us at if you’d like to get featured or collaborate with us at The Lifestyle Portal.

In her spare time, this super mum Sangeeta loves spending time with her dog and in animal welfare activities.

The Lifestyle Portal caught up with this talented mother-daughter duo about Nilanjanaa’s musical journey and how as a mother she’s been the pillar of strength, critic, a source of love and encouragement for her daughter. For parents who have talented children, read on…

When did it all begin?

Nilanjanaa – I started singing at the age of 7. I trained in Carnatic classical for a few years. I enjoyed western music a lot and used to sing classics. There was a small music competition in our apartment complex where I sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always you’ and my mother helped me with the practice and I won it. That inspired me to take up western vocals seriously.

Sangeeta – ShNilanjanaa Ananthe has always been singing. As she mentioned, her journey started with classical Carnatic and now she has found her calling in Western vocals. She is learning in a music school that trains her vocals and is additionally taking keyboard classes as eventually she also wants to start composing. Last year, she did her grade 2 western vocal exams from the International Rockschool UK board, and this year, next month, in fact, she is giving her grade 4 exams.

Initial training involved

Sangeeta – Western vocals require lots and lots of voice exercises and pitch practice. She has been diligent is this. Singing simple songs initially and then moving on to do covers of big artists is a learning process. She has also learnt to add her two-bit to the songs to bring in versatility. Her music teachers say she is a quick learner so that helps I suppose.

When did you start learning to sing professionally?

Nilanjanaa – I can’t really say I sing professionally as I am still learning. But I have given lots of recitals and performances and I enjoy them.

Stage performances

Nilanjana with her adorable petSangeeta – She has performed in numerous small events organised by her music school. Apart from that, she has performed with her band Sandstorm in Freedom Jams a couple of times. Freedom Jam is a platform where accomplished artists showcase their talent. It was quite something to see the children’s band perform there. This year she has started giving solo performances at Freedom Jam 2015 and World Music Day 2015; again, amidst very senior bands and artists.

Sandstorm is a children’s band put together by her music school. She is on vocals while other kids are on guitar, drums and another vocalist. They work well as a team and learn to coordinate, tune into each other. They also have their own composition called “Darkness” to their credit.

Tips or advice to mums of talented kids 

Sangeeta – Pursue what you like to do diligently. You never know, it may become your career. However for that to happen, a formal education, in my opinion, is very important. This is will only help one make informed decisions for the future. Additionally, we try not to pressurise her as kids always have school projects and lots of homework and tests. So it is very important to strike a balance.

Professional vocalist/ singer

Nilanjanaa – Yes I want to become a professional singer. I have a long way to go and am still learning. I want to study music after class 12. I am working towards that.

Nilanjanaa singingFavourite genre of music

Nilanjanaa  – I love western music. Soul, jazz and pop are my genres. These allow me to experiment with my pitch which is very high and I enjoy pop.

Mother’s opinion

Sangeeta – I love her singing Soul and Jazz. I like her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always Love you’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Chain of Fools’ and ‘Power of Love’ by Celine Dion.

Best compliment received

Nilanjanaa – Someone once said they get goosebumps when they hear my voice. That is the best compliment!Nilanjanaa singing

Best/ worst critic

Sangeeta – Me! She hates and loves me for being a critique.

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