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Book Review – The Adventures Of Swapan Nath

The Lifestyle Portal is happy to publish our first ever book review with ‘The Adventures of Swapan Nath’, an e-book written by author Shevlin Sebastian.

This is Shevlin’s second book. We featured him on our website when he launched his first book – The Mystery of the Midnight Murder.

Since it is a children’s book for age group 9-12 years, we thought it would be best to get a kid review it for us.

We took to the help of Arnav Munshi who sat and read ‘The Adventures of Swapan Nath’ at one go and sent us this brilliant review; so for those who’re wondering what this book is all about, read on…

You can purchase a copy of his e-book of ‘The Adventures of Swapan Nath’ through this link at Amazon.

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The Adventures of Swapan Nath by Shevlin Sebastian has a mix of genres, such as thriller, mystery and a bit of action. The story revolves around a poor orphan named Swapan Nath. He gets employed by a lady named Reena, who is sympathetic to his plight, as she, too, is an orphan who was adopted by her Aunt Mary.

Reena tries to see the good in Swapan. But, of course, every story has its antagonist. In this novel, he is a landlord, who goes by the name of Subhash Mallick. He is a fearful figure who is up to no good with his mysterious accomplices. In the end there is a surprising revelation with relation to Subhash.

My favourite characters are Rajan Abraham and Swapan. Rajan is a fearless and honest cop, with a friendly attitude, who takes no nonsense from criminals. As for Swapan, he is an epitome of a curious boy with a dash of Sherlock Holmes and a knack for solving puzzles.

These are my favourite characters because of the way they are portrayed and the qualities that they possess. Another interesting person is the landlord’s watchman Hargovind, who is an aide of Subhash, in his so-called ‘ventures’.

The author shows how Reena is a very persuasive lady who always gets her way. Aunt Mary, on the other hand, is like a protective mother, but she never stands a chance against Reena’s persuasiveness.

I feel that young children should pick up this book as it shows how one must value their families, tread on an honest path, and never take things for granted, as life is uncertain. This book is also easy to read, as it does not possess a lot of complicated language and has few morals within it.

About our Book Reviewer:

Our book reviewer is 14-year-old Arnav Munshi from Winchester School, Dubai.

His hobbies include Football, Sleeping, Video Gaming, Swimming, Reading (Excessively) and Eating ;). The kinds of books that he loves reading are Mythology, Adventure, Mystery, Action and Encyclopaedias.

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