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The start-up story of ‘The Startup Tales’

Entrepreneurship is unique and the best thing about it is being creative and giving birth to new ideas. Just as ‘Gravity’ appeared to Newton all of a sudden, in the same way, a very creative start-up idea appeared to 21-year-old Ronak Banka. A dance and reading enthusiast from Mumbai, Ronak is pursuing CA and is now the Founder of The Startup Tales, a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their journey. 
The Lifestyle Portal has been lucky to have met Ronak and interviewed him. Here is our interview with Ronak-
Ronak Banka, Founder- The Startup Tales

How did it all begin?

Great ideas actually come up out of nowhere. Ronak tells us about how he started The Startup Tales, “I have always been inquisitive to know about start-ups and have been keen on writing. I enjoyed reading ET Panache which inspired me quite a lot since they published interesting and inspiring stories. On a lazy and boring Sunday of December 2016, the thought of The Startup Tales suddenly came up in my mind and I started off with it.”

Initial investments and Branding

The Startup Tales was a wonderful start-up idea not just because of the unique platform it gives entrepreneurs, but also because it actually started with no investments and till date it doesn’t require any investments.

“Just like the concept appeared to me all of a sudden, in the same way, the brand name “The Startup Tales” too came up to me all of a sudden. I further discussed the same with my cousin, who suggested me a name too. We tried making an email id for that name but unfortunately, it wasn’t available and so we decided upon ‘TST’. Also, every start-up story we write has a word limit of up to 250 words to be exclusively published on Facebook and Instagram, so I thought the name “tales” was apt for it.” explains Ronak.

The Startup Tales on Facebook

Challenges faced

Ronak says, “I’m pursuing CA and to manage TST along with studies and internship is quite difficult. It’s still a challenge for me and I keep trying to improve on it. Another challenge is with the English language. TST has inculcated the habit of reading in me. To improve English, one has to constantly read and it is again a challenge to take out time for reading.

What makes The Startup Tales unique?
The USP of TSP is writing tales in just 250 words so as to not drag the reader through a long post. Also, Ronak tries his best to post tales every week because he has seen that there are quite a few platforms just like his but they do not post stories as regularly as him and so this is what sets The Startup Tales apart from others.

Major clients/features

Ronak adds, “We feature entrepreneurs from various sectors. Mostly, I have featured a lot of co-working spaces. I also have a lot of people who have been featured in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 List.” A proud Ronak recollects, “The eureka moment for me was when I featured the actor “Kunal Kapoor” on my page and I received an enormous number of positive response in the form of likes and Kunal himself too shared the post on his official Facebook page and Instagram account.

“Out of the many inspiring stories, published on The Startup Tales, the one which I like the most and which makes me believe that ‘The sky is not the limit’ is of Kanika Tekriwal, a cancer survivor. Belonging to a Marwari family, Kanika started JetSetGo which is just like an Uber for airlines. I had featured her last year in March and have written many stories after that, but this story still remains as the most inspiring one for me. She has also been featured under Forbes 30 under 30,” adds Ronak.

The Startup Tales on Instagram

Future Plans

“As of now, I’m pursuing CA and I’m in the final stage of completing it. I’ll appear for my exam in November 2018 and post which, I plan to do something big for TST apart from just posting stories. Let’s see what God has planned in store for me,” smiles Ronak.

Response so far

“The journey has been great especially because my family has been very supportive of me throughout the journey”, says Ronak, “I’m happy that the page has reached 3000+ likes. Though comparatively, it’s quite low I feel that doesn’t matter a lot in the long run as I am not pursuing it professionally and it’s just for my interest.”

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