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Men’s take on Women’s Day – Nishant Makasare

We’re truly overwhelmed by the encouraging response from the men who stepped in to share their views on International Women’s Day. Right from idolising them, looking up to them and upholding the cause of equality, it just goes to show that we as a nation are doing something right. 
The Lifestyle Portal is celebrating International Women’s Day by inviting the men to share their thoughts regarding the same. We interviewed 39-year-old, Mumbai based Nishant Makasare, a freelance business and life coach and an L.L.B. He shares his views on the perspectives of women and how a nation can grow in leaps and bounds by educating and supporting its women.
Nishant Makasare, Mumbai

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

For Nishant, women today are the architects of our society. He says, “International Women’s Day is just a day to mark the already established fact that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Therefore it’s great to celebrate this day so that women across the globe can come together and encourage each other to keep moving in the direction they are.”

Talking about the idea of whether one should celebrate Men’s Day as well, Nishant adds, “Each one has to play their role in order for the other to play theirs effectively. I think men would like an acknowledgment of their continuing efforts, in supporting women to achieve and progress on the home front as well as in the outer world. It’s a partnership at all levels. Therefore an International Men’s Day could be a celebration of the partnership.”

“My mother is an independent working woman and I have grown up idolising her. I have also seen her balance the home front and raise three children. My sisters have followed in her footsteps. It has helped me understand the female perspective. I have felt a sense of balance in my life because of the women around me. They bring emotional stability. And it must be true, otherwise, we wouldn’t be celebrating International Women’s Day every year, ”smiles Nishant

Plans for women’s day

Nishant talks about the women’s day plans for this year, “Usually it’s a grand affair at work for my colleagues and staff. It’s a day for celebration, appreciation and recognition. We focus on a theme for the day and our women colleagues participate in games, debates and workshops. This year we plan to organise an 80 km women’s car rally in an effort to have an outdoor activity away from the office environment.”

What India must do for women

Nishant suggests, “I feel women are at par if not ahead of men today. Yet at the same time, it’s an urgent need of society to inculcate the thought of equality at grass root levels across all spheres by teachers, parents and social influencers. Meanwhile, it’s our core responsibility as a society to create a safe and secure environment for our women along with encouraging them to be actively involved across all strata of socio-economical fronts.”

Failure/Success- who is responsible?

We asked Nishant if men are responsible for the failure or success of women. He replied, “Up man ship attitudes and chauvinism are prevalent in our part of the world. That is one of the major reasons why men sometimes get in the way of a woman’s career. In India, especially we are programmed to believe that women must be submissive to men. The age old dowry system and rapes are an everyday struggle even today for our women. They believe that they need to be protected by men. Some women grow up believing the same and that would hold them back in every sphere. I think the idea is to stop drawing comparisons between men and women everywhere. That is where we encourage the old school mind set and chauvinism. In order to truly support women we must encourage them to draw comparisons with each other. That, I think will create awareness and competitiveness in turn to help them progress. As once quoted by William Golding, ‘Women are foolish to think they are at par with men, they have always been superior!’”

Women at work

Nishant feels, “Balance is an in built quality of most women. Care and nurturing comes naturally to women therefore they bring their personalities into the work they do. They are focused and result oriented, therefore they bring more productivity. The job is more valuable to them than the remuneration. At the risk of sounding a little bit like a feminist, as workers they tend to put in more effort. Start-ups or established corporates both stand to benefit from this. If the proverbial glass ceiling exists then women should shatter that glass ceiling with their high heels. In the corporate world, there is no reason to encourage this kind of mentality. It’s true that certain women face these blocks in certain sectors and it is created by certain mind-sets in some societies and cultures. And as a society are learning to rid ourselves of these mind-sets slowly.

Promoting women entrepreneurship is crucial at this juncture when India is positioning itself as a world leader in business and trade. In a patriarchal society, women are discouraged from going into business. They hardly have access to training, financial literacy, and financing beyond the micro level. Even if they secure loans, many struggle to manage it. Since women who comprise nearly half of the population they need to be integrated into radical transformations underway, the country will compromise on innovation and productivity.”

Nishant signs off by giving this message to all our women readers, “Komal Hai Kamzor Nahi Tu, Shakti Ka Naam Hi Naari Hai, Jag Ko Jeevan Dene Wali, Maut Bhi Tujhse Haari Hai…!” (Lyrics by Indeevar).

Stay strong, break your barriers and conquer the world… And of course thank you very much for making this world worth living, adds Nishant.

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Tanya is a graduate in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, a post-graduate in Communications and Media from SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and holds a Master's Degree in Journalis & Mass Communications from Chandigarh University. A former writing mentor and a seasoned lifestyle writer, Tanya writes columns on The Lifestyle Portal of life and living.

10 thoughts on “Men’s take on Women’s Day – Nishant Makasare

  • Brilliant article. Nishant is one person who have always praised women, have witnessed in his work and sessions! The person extremely humble and family oriented. Wish him all the best and thanks a ton for sharing such beautiful thoughts through this post. Nicely penned by writer as well.
    Love💕 Shalu

    • Thanks a ton Shalu for the kind words… 😊🤗

  • Hemant p.dhangar

    Women’s always initiate to men’s success…women pain is men’s gain.(e.g. home caring n responsibility, families n personal responsibility) so tht love to all women’s who take pain for their men’s gain…

  • Sarmad Ali Sayed

    Very well written……the perspective covers the whole race and the scope of action….practical thoughts….. The only requirement is implementation of the same……maybe people like Advocate Makasare can initiate the change……..

    • That’s really nice of you Mr. Syed… will definitely take a positive initiative regarding the same

  • Vaishali Maruti Joyshi

    Lecture covers a lot but my suggestion is: history always have glorified heroes and heroics but the heroes and the heroics are mostly the males.. But we have to change the history and transform the male dominant society into anequality. So womens let’s the take an oath let the change be from me.

    • Women are far ahead of men… there is no question of equality. It’s men who have to match up to them.

  • One of the most amazing and inspiring person I met in my life


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