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A garden revisited on a rainy evening…

It was around half past three in the evening. It was a sultry day in Ramanagara and I was expecting definite rain. I suddenly heard the screeching sound of the monkeys who frequently visit our garden. I quickly moved to my backyard window grill. There were around a dozen of them both old and young. Three of them climbed the chikoo tree amid the garden in search of the tasty fruits. Two baby monkeys were on the guava tree , one relishing a ripe guava and the other searching for one. One pregnant monkey was eating the tender moringa (drumstick).

Mischief makers in my garden. Photo credit: Praba N.

Two yellow butterflies were flying from one hibiscus to another. A small vacant honeycomb was hanging on the branch of the chikoo tree. On the sight of the monkeys, two squirrels squeaked and ran hither and thither. The lone wandering chameleon hides beneath the big stone in the corner. One monkey with its baby tightly clinging onto it walked on the compound wall. A grasshopper is sitting on the leaf of the Amritavalli/Giloe (medicinal herb) climbing the wall. Two baby monkeys are gibbering and swinging on the custard apple tree, while one mother monkey was looking for lice in her baby monkey’s head sitting on the backyard grill.

A green gem in a concrete jungle. Photo credit: Praba N

Suddenly the dark clouds gathered around in the sky and my neighbour Sudha rushed upstairs to collect the dried clothes. I felt the cool breeze brazing off my skin when it started to rain heavily. The monkeys whooped with delight. The smell of the wet mud started to emanate from the garden. The branches of the curry leaf plant swayed up and down, appearing to enjoy the rain. The rainwater fell on the plastic window roof with a thud sound. The rain stopped after 15 minutes. I heard the gushing sound of the draining rainwater flowing out of the open terrace into the garden.

Two chirping sparrows returned to their nest on the rose plant. The monkeys started searching for more chikoo, guava and custard apple fruits. Droplets of rainwater trickled from the newly bathed dark green leaves. I felt the chilly air penetrating my skin as there was a sudden change in the weather. The sound of the broom sweeping out the rainwater could be heard somewhere close by.

Playing peek-a-boo with nature’s gifts in my backyard. Photo credit: Praba

The smell of hot oil was emanating from Sudha’s kitchen window facing my garden. Probably she was getting ready to prepare some evening snacks post-rain. The aroma of the boiling tea leaves from Shwetha’s (another neighbour’s) house pierced my nose. Tempted by these aromas, I rushed to my kitchen to prepare some snacks and tea.

Note: Ramanagara is a beautiful place surrounded by hillocks, located about 50kms from Bangalore on the way to Mysore. It is also called ‘Silk City’ and it was where the famous movie ‘Sholay’ was shot.

Contributor: Praba N (PhD)

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Dr Praba N is an Associate Professor teaching Electronics & Communication Engineering at the Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagara, Karnataka. She is interested in content writing, as it is her long harboured dream to continue her passion of ’Essay writing ‘ which got left in school.

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