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Double Surprise!

I don’t remember much about the days I spent at the kindergarten. I must have cried a lot, causing trouble for teachers and my seniors, whose classes were nearby. I don’t know if I smiled much in class because I was in the Aaya’s arms, frowning in most of the class photos. I might have made a few friends in the second year of kindergarten, for I vaguely remember playing with some kids. I don’t exactly remember them. 

I was studying in a Montessori school, and we had different kinds of toys to develop our motor skills. There was a toy for threading beads and another about arranging blocks in height order and so on. 

Can you spot me sitting next to Aaya in the purple sari? Photo Credit: Nithya AS

I remember my teacher, Sangeetha ma’am; she was tall, plump and always smiling and taught me the alphabet. In the second year of kindergarten, I had a teacher named Abhija. She is one of the sweetest people I have met. I loved her classes because she was never harsh on us and was always ready to help us out. 

Recently, my mother recalled my first day at kindergarten. I was wearing a skirt and blouse (our traditional dress). I was very eager to go to the kindergarten and dressed up excitedly. By the time we reached the kindergarten, I started crying and over there, an Aaya took me inside and gave me a toffee. She told me, “If you stop crying, I’ll give you more toffees”. I don’t remember if that consoled me.

When the prizes were being distributed on an annual day, the anchor called my name. I was reluctant to go, and my mother carried me on her shoulder toward the stage. I clung to my mother and wouldn’t look at my principal, who was handing me the prize, and in the end, my mother had to collect it. Now I remember why I was reluctant; my principal has a twin, and both were on the stage that day. I got scared and confused on seeing two ladies who looked like my principal!

Nithya AS

Contributor: Nithya AS

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Nithya is a grade 10 student studying at Greenvalley International School, Trivandrum, Kerala. She loves reading, painting, gardening and is also a Kalaripayattu practitioner. Besides, she enjoys spending time with nature and is always keen to contribute something to the environment.

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