Student Testimonial by Amrita Paul

Amrita Paul on completing Level 1 & 2 of our Writing Program

I must begin with a heartfelt thanks to Tanya for helping me find my capability to write effectively and in an organized manner. To be able to pen ones’ thoughts on both comfortable as well as other issues takes both effort and skill and may turn out to be cathartic. For the skill to grow and nurture, one must have the tools and facilities to utilize and this writing program does exactly that. Equipping and training the mind to take pen to paper to equally attempt a piece when one’s not even willing. Frankly, before October I was still in two minds to attempt the program and whether this is the right fit. As my husband put it, give it a shot. You might just find it in you to write. And I am grateful that I did.

This note would be incomplete if I don’t mention the fact that she was extremely patient with me when I took a long time to submit my assignments because of my other work commitments. Each section of the course is designed to hone a skill that is elementary for putting together a piece of quality. And I wanted to put my best effort before sending it to her which would entail time.

Apart from the virtues of being understanding, patient, helping, she is an absolutely wonderful lady to speak to and take strength from. I would totally miss my course hours after it comes to an end. To this end, I ended up writing two pieces for publication with help from her, both digitally because she facilitated me to find in me the need to express with courage and conviction.

Contributor: Amrita Paul

About our Writing Program Student
Amrita Paul is a Senior Programme Officer with the Prison Reforms Programme, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. She has a Master’s Degree in Law (LL.M.) Human Rights from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The primary focus of her work is to target unnecessary and prolonged detention of undertrials and work towards systemic interventions to prevent it. She loves watching movies and sitcoms (when she has time), cooking and creating new recipes, reading Christie’s and murder mysteries and appreciating music.

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