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Pondering on a misty morning…

Misty morning view… Photo credit: Nithya AS

It is a calm and misty morning. Sitting on one of the steps of my terrace, I was watching the whole place around me come to life. There wasn’t a breeze, but the cold air began turning my feet numb.

Big red ants are moving on the rails of the steps that lead further up the terrace. Two old solar panels, which were out of service, were now resting on the terrace, providing shelter to the creatures that cared to pause under it.

There are a lot of huge trees in sight, but none of them is moving. The temple, not far away from my house, celebrates a festival. Speakers are kept atop trees on the lane that leads to my house, and I can hear the loud chantings and songs they are playing over there. It felt like a typical morning anyone would wish to enjoy.

Beeeep! Beeeeeeeeeeep! The insistent honking of the fisherman’s rickshaw broke the pleasant mood. My mind was disturbed, and it broke off my thoughts. I stirred from my position and slowly settled down as I watched the crows and other little birds flying in search of food. What a sweet voice they have, compared to the honking and beeping of vehicles that are now racing past each other on the road.

The village had at last woken up, and I can now hear people talking and moving about the monotonous routine of life. A slight breeze tousled my hair, and the trees also moved gracefully with it. I looked down towards the ground to see what was happening there. It was wet as it had rained heavily the previous day. The newborn kids of my pet goat were jumping around playfully in joy. There are three of them, and all are happily skipping around in my backyard.

Slowly, the sun is getting brighter now. I can feel its warmth on my face. The sky is clearing up to unveil the misty view and the greenery it hid. A mobile tower that loomed up into the sky came into view now. I got up from the stair and walked back inside, as my stomach was rumbling with hunger. It was already breakfast time!

Nithya AS

Contributor: Nithya AS

About our Writing Program Student
Nithya is a grade 10 student studying at Greenvalley International School, Trivandrum, Kerala. She loves reading, painting, gardening and is also a Kalaripayattu practitioner. Besides, she enjoys spending time with nature and is always keen to contribute something to the environment.

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