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The dance of my life…

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Today was the day—my dance audition for the most prestigious dance academy in New York; Julliard. Dancing has always been an important part of my life and when the music turns on, the temptation to dance is too strong to resist. My favourite artist, Dua Lipa’s songs are upbeat and match my dance style perfectly.

Unfortunately, after the delayed flight to New York last night, my temper had exploded, and I had had a bad morning ever since. I spent three hours that day trying to perfect my routine since my audition was in the evening. I mean, I was just a 16-year-old girl, so I still had time. I spent some time reading and going shopping after practising my routine. I had the best outfit in mind—a plain conservative dress with my best pointe shoes. I did not want to keep it too fancy as it was a formal occasion. My family and friends were coming to cheer me on, and my two brothers, Lucas and Jack, had already put a bet on me. Lucas was on the side that I would get in, and Jack was persistent in reminding everyone that I would fail. Although he did wish me good luck.

“You have to win this Grace”, Lucas whispered to me while we were having lunch. “I’ve bet 100 bucks. Do not make me regret this”. I laughed and told him that I was prepared. I had dropped out of high school just for this as the Julliard scouts had seen me in a dance competition last year and graciously invited me to audition. It seemed like a no shot back then in December, but now in February, a new year, a fresh start, it felt like a long shot.

Obviously, the time had to come. At 4:30 pm, we left early as I needed to prep and get changed. Conservatory dancing is great, but I would love to try hip hop though I think I’d be rubbish at that.

We reached half an hour early as my audition was at 5:15 pm. Mum and Lucas had accompanied me while everybody else stayed at home. I was instructed that as soon as I was done, to send them a text saying if I got in as they wanted to throw a party.

“Well, this is it. If I don’t get in, dropping out of high school will be the worst decision I ever made. And I’ll still have to finish my junior and senior year if I want to graduate”, I said, emphasising every word to make it sound more real. But it was on me. I had dropped out and if I didn’t get in, I guess I would have to redo the junior year. My mom and Lucas both hugged me and waited outside while I waited.

“Grace Garcia”, someone called. I went inside, my nerve cells were going to explode and probably burst. But I kept calm and walked on, though longing for the spot; otherwise, my hard work would have been for absolutely nothing.

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Dancing my present and future for life. Photo by Gabriela Cheloni on

“Hi. I’m Grace Garcia and I’m doing a contemporary and ballet combination solo”, I said confidently, smiling. “Great. The stage is all yours”, said Jennie. It said on her name tag and she was wearing a formal white suit which looked terrific on her. Then I thought about my hair looking a mess since I have bad hair days almost every week. Then I ran through my routine, but my mind wandered away to my biggest fears likes spiders, and death then to my loved things like school, and shopping.

But from the second I started dancing; the world turned right side up. It was meant to be. I was a dancer in the inside and outside. I had to make this happen to make my family proud and to become one of the most famous and professional contemporary dancers of all time.

The music was on, I was dancing for two whole minutes and as soon as I hit my last pose, there was a huge round of applause. I was so overwhelmed. I hadn’t realised that my family had come too and not just Mom and Lucas. Jennie and the other lady, Lisa both congratulated me. She informed my parents and me that I would get my results in a week, but Jennie winked and whispered secretly, “I hope I’ll be seeing you soon, Miss Garcia”.

That was the story of my audition for Julliard. For the most part, it was an incredible experience. And here I am, four years later, on the stage of the English National Ballet. My story wasn’t over, it was just starting.

Contributor: Niharika Bisht

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Niharika is our youngest writing program student. She’s 11-years-old and is studying in Class 7 in a British school in Doha. She loves reading the most and also enjoys sketching, making art and watching movies in her free time.

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