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Welcome to Amritsar, the land of the Golden Temple. Image by Lionel Borie from Pixabay

Some of the most well-known tourist attractions of Amritsar are The Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border that attract tourists from all over the globe including India. But did you know there’s another very popular attraction that brings tons of people to Amritsar? It’s the food, of course! Each food item has its own history, taste and essence. These food items are so good that once you start relishing them, you’ll keep coming back for more!

I have been living in Amritsar for more than 14 years now. Being born and brought up in the food capital of Punjab, I can vouch for the food in my city. I welcome you to my hometown to try these delicious food items that is sure to leave a big smile on your face.

Here is my list of top 5 food items you need to try on your next visit to the Holy City!

Try the superbly delicious Aloo Wala Kulcha. Photo credit: YouTube.

1. Crispy and tasty Aloo Wala Kulcha

Food is savoured through sight, smell, touch, and taste but with the Amritsari Kulcha, you’ll experience the fifth sense. When it is brought out of the tandoor, you can hear the crispy and crunchy sound that will instantly activate your taste buds. 

For many locals having Kulcha on a Sunday morning is a fixed routine. According to the article The History Of Kulcha, The kulcha was originated by one of emperor Shah Jehan’s Khansama (Royal Chef). This bread was praised by the royal members of the family and from there the recipe was shared across Northern India, especially, you guessed it, in Punjab.

Now you can find Kulcha stalls after every two to three shops in Amritsar. A kulcha is usually served with onions and specially prepared chickpeas (choley). The Kulcha is made from all-purpose flour (maida) and is stuffed with potato, coriander and many other spices. Your quest for the perfect kulcha will bring you to The Kulcha Land Ranjith Avenue, Monu Kulcha Hut Lokhara Road, Ashok Kulcha Wala Ranjith Avenue and Chungi Kulche Wala to name a few. So you ought to have this tasty Indian bread, the next time you visit Amritsar.

Try a refreshing glass of Lassi! Image by Saahib from Pixabay 

2. Beat the heat with Amritsar’s most refreshing Lassi!

In Amritsar it is said that a glass of Lassi keeps the tension away. Going to Amritsar and not having Lassi is a big mistake. This cool refreshing drink is made with pure love, malai (buttermilk) and lots of sugar.

There are many flavours available such as badam lassi, mango lassi, sweet lassi, salty lassi, strawberry lassi, malai lassi and many more. Some of the most famous shops where you can sip onto a delicious glass of Lassi are Ahuja Milk Bhandar, Bharawan Da Dhaba, Durga Lassi and Gian Chand Lassi which is more than 90 years old with over 10 flavours to choose from! So you will have to grab your glass of Lassi when you come to Amritsar.  

Dig into a spicy bowl of Amritsari mutton tikka. Photo credit: YouTube.

3. Amritsari Style Mutton Tikka and Brain curry

For all the non-vegetarian lovers out there, there’s something for you too! Did you know that Amritsar has a variety of non-vegetarian delicacies too?  The most popular ones are Mutton Tikka and Brain Curry.

While Mutton Tikka is served with onions and freshly prepared white Kulcha, Brain Curry can be eaten with homemade chapatis or roti. This dish has been introduced in India for more than 50 years now. The most famous places where you will find these two dishes are at the Mama Meat Shop, Surjit Food Plaza, Chand Ka Dhaba and Adarsh Meat Shop. These two special dishes are not to be missed on your visit to the food capital. 

Bite into sweet & crunchy happiness – the delicious jalebi. Image by M Ameen from Pixabay

4. Crunchy and Sweet Jalebis

For all those people who have a sweet tooth, Amritsar has a variety of deserts such as Phirni, Pinni, Ras Malai and of course, Jalebi. 

The sweet tasting Jalebi has quite a rich history. The word jalebi originates from the Arabic word zulabiya. This lip-smacking dessert recipe was introduced to Medieval India by Turkic invaders.

The most renowned places where you can have this scrumptious and sweet dish are Ahuja Sweets, Bansal sweets, GurDas Ram Jalebi. Thinking of Jalebi, makes my mouth water. You ought not miss this scrumptious desert on your visit to the holy city.

Add a little spice to your life, with chatpata chaat from Brijwasi. Image by Parasmani Kumar from Pixabay 

5. Brijwasi’s delectable food items

Did you know that Amritsar is also home to a 100-year-old famous restaurant called “Brijwasi”. In spite of having three branches, Brijwasi outlets are always crowded with a queue of diners waiting their turn. Here you will get the most delicious Chatpata food (sweet and sour).

“The Bun Tikki” here is so famous that it usually gets finished by 4:00pm. People especially come from faraway places and nearby towns such as Ludhiana, Beas and many more to specially get this food packed.

Though the restaurant has run for generations now, its quality is still maintained and is as delicious as it was 100 years ago. You will not want to miss trying this on your next visit to Amritsar.  

You can either try cooking these delicious food items at home or order them online as most of these restaurants are taking proper preventive measures. When the situation improves, we all can try and relish these delicacies once again.

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