Sunday Brunch at Romano’s, JW Marriott

Romano's @ JW Marriott, Sahar

Get a taste of Italy at Romano’s from a variety of antipasto, slow cooked meats, fresh Buckwheat flour pasta – the list is endless.

If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, let me tell you it also holds true for women as well, provided it’s got that perfect ambience, music and company to go with it; and if you’re looking for such a setting then Romano’s at the JW Marriot, Sahar is the place to be.

The Lifestyle Portal recently had a chance to experience Romano’s a splendid Italian restaurant for a Sunday Brunch.

In Italian cuisines you may have often heard of the regular pastas, the white sauce and some cheeses. But let me tell you, Romano’s is an Italian restaurant par excellence that promises of some exquisite fare that shouldn’t be missed.

Take a deep breath as you enter Romano’s for a lazy Sunday Brunch that starts with their cold cuts and a variety of cheeses placed prominently at the entrance of the restaurant that will ready your appetite.

Romano's @ JW Marriott SaharThen as you walk in you can’t help but lose yourself in the aroma and the visual gastronomic delights spread out in front of you.

From mushroom and tomato frittatas, to salads that you can make on your own with a variety of dressings and toppings on display – your journey into fine Italian cuisine has just begun.

“At the Romano’s Sunday brunch we will load you up with a variety of Italian cured meats from the famous San Danielle, Parma Ham, Coppa Parma, Porchetta , Rolled Panchetta to Traditional Salami Milano, Salami Napoli and don’t forget to try the flavourful pistachio Mortadella. All this is accompanied by 16 varieties of homemade breads including my favourite pesto and brunt garlic,” says Jr. Sous Chef Prasad Parab.

Romano's @ JW Marriott, Sahar

It is just like when you enter an art gallery where you take time to admire and envision the inspirations behind every brush stroke, theme and colour chosen by the artist, because a meal at Romano’s gives you a similar feel when you go through the menu that has been painstakingly crafted and designed by the chefs to offer you some of the finest from Italy.

When we ask Chef Prasad more about the menu he tells us, “I am specially working hard along with my team to offer my guests ample variety of vegetarian dishes on Sunday Brunch from a salad counter, six variety of antipasto, 12 sizzling hot dishes, stuffed pasta, fresh Buckwheat flour pasta, a vegetarian cheese spread, a hearty soup – the list is endless”.

Salad counter at Romano'sAs I walked through the various counters admiring each platter on display I was drawn to some extra details that added to theme and ambience.

For instance, there were large jars of vegetables and garlic being cured that Chef Prasad explained is typical of Italian homes where families enjoy pickled vegetables with their breads or pasta for their meals.

My brunch began with a freshly made salad consisting of baby carrots tossed with a delightful vinaigrette and shrimps, followed by a Burrata – a heavenly mix of micro greens (grown in house), fresh garden salad and the melt-in-the mouth cream.

Chef Prasad further explains, “Burrata is a typical product of Murgia from south of Italy. It is produced from buffalo’s milk, rennet, and cream. Today Burrata_at Romano'sBurrata is one of the most popular dishes in Romano’s and the best part is my guests even commented that they ‘’feel like eating it in Italy ‘’.

What’s more, Romano’s has a brilliant live counter where apart from some freshly made pasta, you can get the best of Risotto and cheese as well.

Chef Prasad prepared some risotto that he tossed into the huge case of Parmesan cheese and scraped some cheese along with the risotto, as he believes by doing this it lends a more authentic taste to the dish.

Which is true because when I had my first spoon of the risotto I could feel the flavours and textures of the rice, mushrooms and the cheese, and I definately recommend it if you’re there for a meal at Romano’s.

When you’re at Romano’s just take your time to see the various dishes on offer – from grilled imported meats, fish and vegetables, slow cooked ca,Chef Prasad at work_Risotto & Cheese sea food and lamb and barely soup – mind you you’ll have to come back again to do justice to their long list of menu.

Restaurant Manager Deepak Shettigar demonstrated a couple of magical cocktails like the smoke infused mojito and whiskey; so for those who like to sip on a freshly concocted spirit don’t forget to ask for one of these unique drinks.

After a hearty grilled lobster with a hint of Italian spices, we got to taste the mild and soothing lamb stew that has been slow cooking for hours.

In fact most of these slow cooked dishes be it vegetables, sea food and meats are traditionally made by the grandmothers in Italian homes. We fell in love with the warm and balmy lamb stew which went perfectly well with a tomato-basil bread.

For seafood lovers there’s plenty for you to look forward to. Meats and seafood waiting to be grilled at Romano's

Chef Parab further adds, “We offer a wide range of seafood grills on Sunday Brunch including Kerala Lobster,
Canadian Lobster, Sweet Water Scampi, King Tiger Prawns, Red Snapper, Grouper, Sea bass and many more. Caccuicco is one of our signature dishes we prepare for Brunch. Cacciucco is an Italian fish stew native to the western coastal towns of Tuscany and Liguria. It is especially associated with the port city of Livorno in Tuscany and the town of Viareggio to the north. It is a hearty stew consisting of several different types of fish and shellfish.” We hope your mouth is watering already 😉

Romano's dessert counterOh and did we mention that you’ll have a tough time picking a dessert to end your Sunday Brunch?

Not to worry as this is where Chef Parab will come to your rescue with Romano’s very prized dessert the Tiramisu.

One spoon is guaranteed to transport you to paradise and he’s often received many a compliments for it, the most common of them all being – ‘A Heavenly Dish To Die For’.

How to get there: 

JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar
IA Project Road
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Andheri East

Pricing for the Romano’s Brunch: At Romano's JW Marriott, Sahar
Non-alcoholic buffet – INR 2,378 + taxes
Alcoholic buffet – INR 4,267 + taxes

For reservations call: +91-22-33956233

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