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A New Fairytale Myntra App Style

myntra - pic courtesy - Myntra going totally mobile imagine how different our lives would be?

Yes it is definitely a big shift from the comfort of online browsing to your hand held device – because now Myntra gets #ItsPersonal and goes one step further to be your fashion companion.

While traveling or at work, when there’s a need to pick up that dress for a friend’s wedding or a special date planned over the weekend this is where the Myntra App will come to your rescue.

Now all you have to do is just take out your mobile or tablet and go ‘shopping’ for your favourite brands on the go!

On a lighter note, just imagine how life would be had the Myntra App been readily available in the world of fairy tales?

The Lifestyle Portal is already having a fun time imagining that if Little Red Riding Hood had to use the Myntra App, she would have scores of red outfits to choose from before heading off to her grandma’s house for tea. Pic courtesy -

From red boots to matching handbag, she would have definitely been one very stylish Little Red Riding Hood thanks to the handy Myntra App. Not only that, the Myntra App would have saved her life too!

How you may ask, well, when she sees the Big Bad Wolf dressed up as Grand Ma, she would have offered him a host of latest deals in men’s wear that would have had the wolf get busy with his phone for new offers and latest designs.

He would have gladly ‘returned’ Grand Ma back to Little Red Riding Hood as he would be too busy shopping for the latest trends in wolf…err we mean men’s wear.

One of the best part being, in Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, the Emperor would not have had to walk that embarrassing parade if he had the Myntra App to look up royal fabrics and luxury men’s wear.

Some of of the most gorgeous fairy-tale characters such as Little Mermaid and Rapunzel would have loved to pick up some hair accessories for their luxurious lock of hair using the Myntra App.

Going to the ball? Cinderella’s gown would be picked by Fairy God Mother using the Myntra App. The magic wand would have been a thing of the past, as the latest tool for creating fairytale fashionistas would be through the Myntra App.

Now this is getting to be a whole lot of fun! Shopping for yourself and others, recreating a whole new wardrobe based on seasons would be a lot easier with the exclusive Myntra App.

Image courtesy - one doesn’t always have to get to a laptop/ desktop to browse through styles, just take your smart phone or tablet (with a 3G/ Wifi connection of course) and start shopping over a cup of chai or while you’re waiting for your turn at the doctor’s clinic.

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