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Started by Sagar Daryani, Wow Momos is the new momo destination in Calcutta. I met Sagar with my aunt at Spencer’s in Calcutta almost two years ago, when he had just launched the first few chains of Wow Momos. While my mom and aunt shopped for groceries, I longingly admired the hot steaming momos and was pleasantly surprised when they were offering everyone at the supermarket with a free sample. One bite of the fresh out of the steamer momo, has made me their fan! The taste still lingers on…

Later when a bespectacled and grown up Sagar came up to my aunt and introduced himself, she was very happy to see that the little boy she taught in Class IV is now a proud owner of Wow Momos.

When I was in Kolkata in December 2010 for Christmas, I got a chance to attended the Bakery Carnival at the Calcutta Club. It was a field day for me and thanks to the Carnival, I got a wide variety gastronomical delights all in one single destination. What more could I ask for!

While I browsed through the several food stalls, I came across the snooty Mama Mia counter. According to me, their claim to fame would be that they had some of the best looking exhibits at the Carnival complimented with one of the most rude and arrogant staff I’ve encountered.

The highlight of the day, were the steaming hot chicken momos at Wow Momos and I got to meet Sagar Daryani again. While I waited for my plate of momos, I browsed through a copy of The Telegraph that Sagar had placed at his stall in the Bakery Carnival.

The article spoke about how he and his friend borrowed some money from their parents to start off what now is the most popular phenomenon in Calcutta – Wow Momos! I am very happy for him and more so, I can see my aunt beaming with pride as well.

Sagar’s marketing skills and his perseverance which gave momos a brand new dimension to the people of Calcutta is admirable. I know, a lot of you may swear by the momos in China Town in Tangra and else where in Calcutta, but then this isn’t bad either.

It is also apparent the effort and interest taken by Sagar in training his staff, as they all worked in harmony in the cacophony of hungry people at the Carnival. Sagar and his staff were warm and courteous and I was glad to see how well they handled the heavy rush at the Carnival with no signs of distress. There was not an iota of pride or ego and that’s is a secret for a long term winner. Hats off to Wow Momos!

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